Dicot signs extended Service Agreement with Anthem Biosciences for Preclinical Development of  Libiguin™

Dicot has signed an extended service agreement with Anthem Biosciences, Bangalore, India for preclinical developments of Libiguin™. Dicot has already since May 2017 collaborated with Anthem for development of chemical process steps for the production of Libiguin™. The new extended agreement includes both the toxicity tests required for regulatory approval of clinical trials of Libiguin™, and further optimizations of the chemical process steps for the manufacture of Libiguin™. The agreement assures Dicot the full intellectual property right of all developments by Anthem Biosciences regarding Libiguin™.

Anthem Biosciences is a Contract Research Organization with about 500 employees and a well-developed infrastructure that is highly suitable for the development phase Dicot is currently in. A significant part of Dicot's preclinical developments take place at Anthem.

- The work already done for Dicot's behalf at Anthem has been of high quality and very cost-effective," says Göran Beijer, CEO of Dicot AB, and continues:

- The capacity offered by Anthem now gives us the opportunity to effectively carry out a significant part of the preclinical development required for the approval of Libiguin™ for clinical trials.

For further information

Göran Beijer
CEO, Dicot AB
Telefon: +4670-663 60 09
E-post: goran.beijer@dicot.se

About Dicot

Dicot develops drugs against sexual dysfunction with a large market potential. Dicot's most important product will be LibiguinTM for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.Preclinical development  will be done in-house in front of entering clinical studies.Dicot will seek strategic alliances with global pharmaceutical companies to introduce Libiguin TM on the world market.


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