Samlink Teams up with SYSOPENDIGIA on Investment Software

SYSOPENDIGIA Plc Press release 6 June 2007

SYSOPENDIGIA and Samlink have entered co-operation aimed at creating a joint service concept for investment software products. This service package involves investment-fund, stock and book-entry securities functionality as well as diversified value added features, such as stock clearing and extensive reporting e.g. for asset management. The service can be adopted as part of Samlink’s basic banking solution or as a separate ASP service.

‘Since an extensive range of investment services is vital to present-day financial-market operations, we wish to provide Samlink’s current and future customers with an investment platform based on Samstock by SYSOPENDIGIA. This new service package is an easy solution for our customers’, says Heikki Sirve, Samlink Ltd’s President and CEO. ‘Our customer can adopt the Samstock software solution on a full-service basis, i.e. responsibility for software development and infrastructure services rests with us, enabling our customer to focus on the development of its own business’, he continues. ‘This agreement supplements Samlink’s ASP service package considerably’, he concludes.

‘Our partnership with Samlink will also enable us to offer SYSOPENDIGIA’s finance-sector software products to a larger number of customers. Standardised ASP solutions provide a cost-efficient way of adopting software required for investment operations e.g. at start-up companies’, states Juha Leinonkoski, Senior Vice President, SYSOPENDIGIA.

In the same connection, the partners agreed that the Samlink Group would replace its current investment systems with a brand new software platform for investment services, provided by SYSOPENDIGIA, based on the Samstock by SYSOPENDIGIA solution designed for the finance sector.

Samlink’s ASP service model guarantees business-supporting systems to end-customers in a cost-efficient and flexible way. The partners will jointly manage the service’s development and performance. In addition, Samlink will manage the technical service environment for the end-customer plus data connections while SYSOPENDIGIA will take charge of the Samstock by SYSOPENDIGIA software on an ASP basis.

For further information, please contact:
Heikki Sirve, President and CEO of Samlink, tel. +358 9 50 5901 591, and
Juha Leinonkoski, Senior Vice President of SYSOPENDIGIA, tel. +358 9 40 842 2810.

The Samlink Group develops and integrates IT services for the banking and finance sector and offers them to its customers on an ASP basis. It also supports its customers’ business by providing value added services in support of information technology services. Dependable and secure IT systems are a prerequisite for modern banking and finance operations, and the Group’s versatile systems bring benefits to our customers and their customers.
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