VMS & Herbals - Trade show highlights at Natural & Organic Products Europe 2010

Next month’s Natural & Organic Products Europe, taking place over 11-12 April at London’s Olympia, will feature over 500 exhibitors – including many of the industry’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of VMS, herbals and natural healthcare products. From new product launches to brand innovations and packaging re-designs – the following is just a taste of what show press and industry buyers can expect to see at the UK’s only dedicated trade event for natural and organic products.

Healthspark will be launching their Cardio Red Antarctic Krill Oil, the new, greatly anticipated, source of Omega-3. Produced from the freshest stocks of live Krill, using the very latest in eco-friendly harvesting methods, Cardio Red Krill Oil is set to be a brand leader in the field of fish oil supplements. Powerful and 100% pure, Cardio Red Krill Oil has been awarded Novel Food Approval by the EU Food Safety Agency. Unlike traditional fish oils in which the omega 3 lipids are in the triglyceride form, the lipids in Cardo Red Krill Oil are in the form of bound phospholipids, which improves absorption by the body. In addition to this, Cardio Red Krill Oil contains Astaxanthine, a very powerful antioxidant. Lady Comfort™ is new capsule from New Nordic, which helps eliminate bacteria and thereby helps to maintain a healthy urinary tract system. In their lifetimes, between 20 to 40% of women will suffer from urinary bacteria infections, and every 3 out of 4 of women will have a Candida yeast infection. The capsule is multifunctional. It also contains natural oils that help maintain healthy hormonal balance and moist mucous membranes. New Nordic will also be promoting Wonder Legs™ its new invention that can help maintain strong and healthy leg vein circulation. These comfort-giving tablets contain natural pine tree bark and red vine leaves. BetterYou™ Magnesium Oil Joint Spray is the latest addition to the Magnesium Oil range and contains the addition of glucosamine sulphate together with the cooling and calming effect of menthol and the anti inflammatory and pain relieving qualities of wintergreen oil. BetterYou™ is proud to launch D Lux 1000, the markets first daily oral vitamin D3 spray with a great, sweet lemon taste. It was reported to the Department of Health this year that "more than 50% of the adult population have insufficient levels of vitamin D". Research clearly shows that only a small proportion of our essential vitamin D requirement is satisfied by our diet and fewer of us are managing the recommended 2-3 hours of direct sunlight each week. Nordic Naturals is the number one brand of omega-3 fish oils in the USA. Their latest new product is Nordic Omega-3 Gummy Worms, which are aimed at children aged two and over. Rich in essential fatty acids EPA and DHA, the easy to chew, strawberry flavoured worms promote a healthy brain and visual development, healthy immunity and memory and learning in children. Nordic Naturals’ educator and omega-3 expert Stuart Tomc will be on stand 3030 over both days. He will also be presenting a seminar on the roots of the omega-3 revolution in the show’s Natural Beauty & Spa Theatre at 4pm on Sunday 11 April (theatre sponsored by Kinetic Natural Products Distributor and Dr Bronner’s Magic Soaps). With the ever-growing consumer interest in complementary health, diet and natural lifestyle books, The Nutri Centre go big on books this year showcasing their bestselling range and brand new titles. Unlike regular book stockists, The Nutri Centre source and import a wide range of specialist health, education and reference titles from around the world. Meet internationally best-selling women’s health author Dr Marilyn Glenville at 3pm on Sunday 11 April, signing her fully illustrated new book The Natural Health Bible for Women. If healthy eating is of interest, media nutritionist and medicinal food chef, Dale Pinnock will also be on the stand on the Sunday at 12pm to talk about his new healthy cooking DVD - Beat Arthritis Naturally. Despite being used in Asia for 1000’s of years, Moringa, with its countless health benefits, is little known throughout the western world. Quinex Moringa intends to rectify this by showcasing its range of products – including Moringa leaf powder, Moringa leaf powder capsules, Moringa enhanced flavoured teas, Moringa energy bars, and Moringa beauty products (shampoo and body wash) – and explaining all the countless health benefits to visitors attending the show. Quinex Moringa is the largest grower of 100% natural, organic Moringa and is pleased to announce that they are in advanced talks with two major supermarkets and a chain of Nottingham health shops. Higher Nature will be launching the following new delicious Omega Excellence culinary products at the show – Fizzy Multi, Oregano Oil, Aloe Gold Tablets and The Saltpipe. Dr Mark Atkinson, one of the UK's leading integrated medical doctors, will be conducting 15-minute mini-surgeries on-stand 3040, on both days (to book, please email sophie.inglis.pr@drmarkatkinson.co.uk). Higher Nature is sponsoring Christine Bailey’s demonstration in the show’s Organic Kitchen at 3pm on Monday 12 April. Christine will also be on-stand to give nutritional advice throughout the day. On-stand sampling will include the three new gourmet additions to the Omega Excellence range: Raw Walnut Butter, Walnut Oil and Pomegranate Balsamic Vinegar. (Organic Kitchen sponsored by Heritage Prime). Good Health Naturally Inc. pioneers many groundbreaking therapeutic products such as the bestselling SerraEnzyme Serrapeptase and widely-used MaxiFocus eye vision support spray (both on display at the show). The new Ancient Minerals professional strength range of Magnesium Oil, Gel and Bath Flakes (warmly received so far due to the multiple benefits they provide) and the new Edible Earth detoxifying clay are their show highlights for 2010. Nutrition Consultant Robert Redfern (who will be at the show on stand 1023) carefully searches for and selects these formulas on his travels around the world. They are all the result of sound scientific studies by practitioners and researchers and then packaged into outstanding products at affordable prices. We are now no longer what we eat, we are what we absorb, says Nuferm who will be presenting foods that are not only absorbable but now also Gluten Free. Nuferm’s new Gluten-Free product launch opens the door for the ever increasing numbers of Gluten-intolerant people to have access to pure simple food in a digestible format. Super Kids Food will also be on display. As will new launch Organic 20/12 blend – distinctively different to what has been available up until now as the foods are already in a digested state for absorption; ensuring users get the released nutrients from the foods in the product as well as the good bacteria that broke them down in the first place. Meet Don Chisholm presenting Foods of the Future and grab a copy of his book Have you got the guts to be really healthy at stand No 2033. Comvita UK will be attending this year’s Natural & Organic Products Europe and have many new and exciting products to showcase. The main focus will be on the launch of Comvita’s new healthcare product: Comvita Broccoli Extract. Evidence shows that Glucoraphanin, a naturally occurring compound found in broccoli, can help kick start your body’s defences. Dr Paul Talalay, Director of the Laboratory for Molecular Pharmacology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, USA, has carried out significant research into the Glucoraphanin levels found in broccoli and will be available to meet with members of the press and trade alike on the Comvita stand (4040A in the HFMA Pavilion) on the afternoon of Monday 12 April. Lifeplan Products Limited has built an enviable reputation for manufacturing and supplying only quality, ethical, high strength, and above all, affordable vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements and bringing to market new and improved products on a regular basis to provide their customers with the most innovative and very best dietary products available. To this end, Lifeplan Products Limited plans to unveil a number of exciting new additions at Natural & Organic Products Europe this year; as well as run a 'Message In A Bottle' competition with some great prizes. Lifeplan brands include Lifeplan-Branded Products, Goldenhills Manuka Honey, Grandma Vine's Skin Care, Kiwiherb Herbal Remedies and Healthilife. Distributers World Foods Brand Management will be presenting several new products at the show from stand 3003, including Orthomol® Audio – a food supplement treatment for tinnitus that reduces the severity of acute tinnitus and sudden hearing loss; Ginger Chews and travel sweets Gin Gins Hard Candy manufactured by Ginger People, and containing high levels of active fresh ginger; Fulfill Plus® – licensed as a medical device to combat obesity that creates the feeling of being “full”; And the UK's most exciting Novel Foods Approved Cardio Red Krill Oil (from Healthsparks) - experts say Krill Oil is 48 times more potent than standard Omega Oils! Quest Vitamins is dedicating its entire stand (4040C) at Natural & Organic Products Europe 2010 to the launch of a new training course for the industry, called Quest IQ. The course is a modular self-learning programme designed to provide retailers and shop assistants with basic training on health, nutrition and how to sell supplements to the best of their ability. The most exciting and innovative aspects of the training course are the impressive hardback course manual containing materials and examinations, and the comprehensive evaluation, feedback and certification provided by Quest. IQ has been specifically designed with our customers and their staff in mind. 2010 is a year of celebration for Viridian Nutrition as the company completes its 10th year of business. Launched in December 1999, Viridian launched with just 24 products, now ten years later the company features more than 160 products in the award-winning range, with more to come during the celebration year. Viridian is also proud to announce that due to the continued support of loyal Viridian retailers and customers, donations from the Viridian Nutrition Charity Donation Programme will reach £100,000 in 2010. This year, Viridian will also be helping to sponsor the training of ten guide dog puppies with the Guide Dog Association; plus supporting the Woodland Trust by sponsoring the planting of ten half-acre woodlands in areas across the UK. Whilst exhibiting at this year’s Natural & Organic Product Europe (stand 3050), Emporio UK, part of the CLF group of companies, will launch their own “scrappage scheme”. Recognising that despite difficult trading times, the need to update systems remains – Emporio’s £1,000 trade-in on outdated competitor systems is intended to help make it more affordable for nutrition and healthy lifestyle retailers to make those all important improvements to their business. March will also see the company launch a new logo and corporate look, plus re-location to a larger premise. Emporio UK Limited is dedicated to the supply of affordable, flexible, integrated IT solutions. CherryActive have gone from strength to strength – winning two awards in 2009 – Health Food Business’s Best VMS Product Award plus Best Supplement at the Natural Lifestyle Awards. Apart from the many health benefits of CherryActive, recent research completed on muscle recovery shows that a 30ml serving of CherryActive taken within 30 minutes of completing exercise improves muscle soreness and recovery. Also, thanks to the naturally-occurring Melatonin found in Montmorency Cherries, people have found they sleep better. Melatonin is a hormone manufactured in the pineal gland (located in the middle of the brain), and is considered the great regulator of our internal clock. Tasting and special show promotions will be available at the show. Natur Boutique Ltd’s new products at the show include Artichoke Tea and Golden Ginseng. It’s the first company in Britain to sell Artichoke Tea, which was used by ancient Greeks. The artichoke has a powerful effect on the production of bile and fat-digesting enzymes, improving digestion and protecting the liver. Used over time, it helps the body tolerate consumption of fatty foods and alcohol. Furthermore, Artichoke Tea has a delicate taste. To find out more about any of the products or companies featured in this show highlights press release, visit Natural & Organic Products Europe on 11-12 April. The two-day event is free to attend for pre-registered trade visitors and members of the press. To register, please visit www.naturalproducts.co.uk. ###


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