Natural & Organic Products Europe: Health & Nutrition Exhibitor Show Highlights 2015

New health and nutrition and natural living product launches announced

With all exhibition space now sold out, this year’s Natural & Organic Products Europe trade show will be its biggest yet.  Taking place next month, on 19-20 April, at the new venue of London ExCeL, it will feature over 600 exhibitors showcasing thousands of natural and organic brands.

Recent additions to the exhibitor line-up include Emunoair (natural support for the immune system), Forum Health Products (functional foods and healthcare products), Trayner Pinhole Glasses, and nutritional supplement specialists Vibrant Health, Nutrisan, Phytopharma Health and Natural Products, and Shift – High End Supplements.

The following is just a taste of the new health, nutrition and natural living products – including supplements, botanicals, superfoods, THR mark herbal medicines, homeopathic remedies, and eco-household – on show at this year’s Natural & Organic Products Europe.

New products from Solgar Vitamin and Herb (stand E10) launching at the show include Full-Spectrum Curcumin 185x, which provides 185x better bioavailability compared to standard curcumin; plus U-Cubes Children’s Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Gummies.  (UK)

Kinetic Natural Products Distributor (stand E20) is introducing several new products to the UK market including: Nutiva O'Coconut sweet treat; Terranova Vegan Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Holy Basil, and Reishi; Amazing Grass Raw Reserve and Protein; Watermelon Energy Green Superfood; Jason Smoothing Coconut Body Care range; and Antipodes Worship Superfruit Anti-Ageing Serum.  (UK)

BetterYou (stand G60J) is launching new additions to its award winning magnesium range at the show – BetterYou Magnesium Oil Sensitive Spray (specially formulated for sensitive skin) and BetterYou Magnesium Body Butter and Body Lotion (scientifically proven to improve skin health).  (UK)

Prime Fifty (stand A65) is debuting its new range of targeted nutritional supplements, formulated exclusively for the over 50s.  This specialist range focuses on staying active, with products for bone health, joint health, muscle health, and energy.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Essential Nutrition (stand G74) is launching its ‘no sugar added, no lactose, no gluten’ line at the show.  Products include gourmet protein chocolate, hydrolysed whey protein isolate, vegetarian protein, and a natural, no-calorie sweetener suitable for sugar and lactose restricted diets.  (New exhibitor, Switzerland).

Nutrabiotics (stand E80) is unveiling its new multivitamin, a one-a-day tablet containing key natural ingredients to help maintain everyday general health and vitality.  The multivitamin contains vitamins A, B, C, D and E, and is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Eterno Naturals (stand D10) is launching Royal Green's Organic Iron Complex and Royal Green’s Premium Gourmet Honey – 100% pure from Cuba, Mexico, Hungary, Portugal, and Germany.  Other new product lines include Noah – the ultimate natural hair care experience, and Lafes24 hour protection, non-toxic, natural deodorants.  New brand extensions include xylitol sugared mints from PUR Gum in five flavours.  (UK)

Building on the ever-increasing demand for organic, wholefood and vegan supplementation, Nature’s Plus UK (stand G40) is showcasing Source of Life Garden Multis; available in Men’s, Women’s, Prenatal, Men’s Once Daily and Women’s Once Daily.  Also new for 2015 is AgeLoss Menopause, AgeLoss Blood Pressure, and Certified Organic PureTrition Mixed Berry.  (UK)

Savant Distribution (stand A81) is unveiling MGO 400+ Manuka Honey with CycloPower, an advanced natural bioactive supplement, alongside new products within its Cleanmarine Krill Oil, and One Nutrition range.  Savant is also exhibiting its award-winning Udo’s Choice range.  (UK)

Trimworld Health Products (stand H25) is launching new Trimvitamins, Trimsports, and Trimshake – an all in one slimming shake with over 15 superfruits, superfoods, greens, vitamins, omega 3, raspberry ketones, whey protein and probiotics.  (New exhibitor, The Netherlands)

Enzymedica (stand C79) is launching its new UK portfolio of plant-based digestive enzyme and food intolerance products, including Digest Gold + Probiotics, a premium enzyme formula with guaranteed potency live bacteria.  Most of the enzyme formulas are also vegan and kosher.  Exclusive show-only offers will be available.  (UK)

Launching at the show, Feel Good Essentials is the latest range from Findhorn Flower Essences (stand A56).  The four duo packs contain aromatherapy sprays and flower essences, which are designed to bring relief in times of stress and anxiety by externally strengthening the aura; whilst also supporting inner emotional health and wellbeing.  (UK)

Vividus (stand J62) is presenting Oleamax, an innovative liquid food supplement based on olive leaf extract, papaya, and pomegranate, which have undergone fermentation and probiotic processes.  It contains high amounts of Oleuropein, which can be useful for cholesterol, the immune system, and complete body detox.  (New exhibitor, Italy)

Good Health Naturally (stand G30), a leading supplier of serrapeptase formulations, is presenting SerraEnzyme 250,000iu, the world's strongest serrapeptase.  This new addition is over x3 stronger than the bestselling SerraEnzyme 80,000iu.  (Switzerland)

New to the UK, Savina Atai Futuristic Superfoods (stand D53) is introducing premium superfoods that contain a unique combination of powerful herbs, dried fruit pieces and superfood powder.  Available in 400g packs, variants include I Muno Safe Cells, Out Of Burn Out, Good Morning, Power Build Regeneration, and Weight Loss.  (New exhibitor, Slovenia)

New to the UK market, Enterosgel 0+ (stand G39) for babies, children and adults, is a clinically proven intestinal absorbent used to cleanse the gut from toxins, allergens, viruses and pathogens.  Enterosgel helps in cases of diarrhoea, food allergies, IBS-D, indigestion, upset stomach, and travellers’ tummy.  Available in tubes and sachets.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Kiki (stand B70) has rebranded and is expanding its product line with a new organic range, including spirulina, chlorella, wheatgrass, and Organic Aloe Ferox Juice.  Also showcasing: Nature's Living Superfood – a superfood blend with bacteria cultures, and Body Biotics – a proprietary formula of SBO's (soil based organisms).  (UK)

Igennus Healthcare Nutrition (stand E60) is launching MindCare – a comprehensive range of targeted brain nutrition supplements based on four consumer need-states: stress, mental performance, mood and age-related cognitive decline.  Each supplement comprises a dual-capsule system – body-ready 80% concentration rTG omega-3 capsules from wild deep-sea anchovies, plus synergistic micronutrient capsules.  (UK)

Renew Life UK (stand F30) is showcasing its range of products designed to improve health through optimum digestive function and superior nutrition.  Also showcasing: new Cleanse Challenge programme and Renew your Health App.  The App creates a personalised cleansing protocol using answers to a health questionnaire based on lifestyle, health concerns, and goals.  (UK)

The Organic Protein Company (stand B63) is showcasing the UK’s first additive free, certified organic whey protein powder, made using organic whey from free roaming grass fed cows.  Launched last year it’s gluten free, GM free, suitable for vegetarians, and can be mixed with water or milk for a quick protein shake.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Thyme Marketing and Thyme Digital (stand D51) is presenting 'Sales Thyme', an online sales presenter, catalogue, and sales order processing system for small and medium sales teams.  Designed originally for the Thyme Marketing sales team, the system provides live real time sales data from iPad or tablet, and is now available for bespoke design.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Pharma Medico (stand C21) is presenting four new Nourkrin products for hair maintenance at all stages of life, including Active 20+, Post Pregnancy, Active 45+, and Radiance.  Over 20 years’ experience with original hair supplement Nourkrin WOMAN has led to new products that help maintain natural, beautiful hair, and provide the support required for hair to maintain optimal appearance.  (UK)

BonPom (stand P54) is launching three new products as part of its new sports performance range – Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder, Hemp Seed Protein Powder, and Chia Seed Protein Powder.  All three products are raw and organically certified, and each has its own newsletter packed with information and unique recipes.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Natural TradeBrokers (stand G60B) is launching a new range of Heath and Heather Organic Green teas at the show.  Also showcasing: The Green People Company and Eskimo, the leading UK fish oil brand.  (UK)

100% natural mineral water Donat Mg UK (stand M52) contains 1000mg of magnesium in 1 litre.  Richer in magnesium than any other mineral water currently on the market, its unique composition can have favourable effects on stress, fatigue, tiredness, muscle cramps, and electrolyte balance.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Natures Aid (stand E36) is showcasing the UK's first Liquid Coconut Oil.  Natures Aid Liquid Coconut Oil tastes great, can be used in all types of cooking, and provides 93% MCT’s - 33% more MCT’s than traditional Virgin Coconut Oil.  (UK)

Everything made by Wakaya Perfection (stand J60E) is made on the island of Wakaya – from its pink ginger to orange turmeric – everything is pure and organic, grown in rich volcanic soil.  Its comprehensive range includes Organic Pink Fijian Ginger, Organic Fijian Turmeric, and Kava (all in capsule and powder forms); as well as Fijian Kosher Sea Salt.  (New exhibitor, USA)

Better Naturally (stand D60) is presenting OatWell Crispy Hearts.  One 30g sachet of this new oat-based breakfast cereal contains the full daily amount of oat beta-glucan (3g), which is proven to reduce cholesterol.  Collect a sample at the show.  (UK)

Rainforest Foods (stand H34) is relaunching its Green Origins range.  It is introducing new smaller pack sizes, improved design, and several new additions to the 17-strong range; including Baobab powder, Moringa, Hemp Seeds, Hemp Powder, and Bee Pollen.  (UK)

Natural Living

Natura Norway B.V. (stand A66) is presenting its 100% Merino Sheep Wool Slippers in different designs and models, with sizes from 35/36-45/46.  Also showcasing: 100% Merino Sheep Wool Gloves, sizes from S-M.  (New exhibitor, Norway)

The US phenomenon Bug Soother (stand C64) is launching for the first time in the UK.  Bug Soother is a Deet, alcohol and preservative free, natural insect repellant and has been selling out each year; with over 30% year-on-year growth rate in sales.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Mozzigear (stand C62) - Australia's No. 1 best-selling, chemical free insect repellent.  100% natural, no harsh chemicals and family friendly, the range allows all ages and skin types – from newborn to adults – to be protected effectively and naturally.  (New exhibitor, Australia)

Natracare’s award-winning Nursing Pads (stand B16) are back with a brand new look.  Each pack contains 26 shaped pads (made from sustainable plant based materials) for natural protection while breastfeeding.  (UK)

Savvy Green (stand A70) is launching new laundry and dishwashing detergent single dose packs, which are super-concentrated, fragrance free, and leave no residue.  The laundry detergent is non-bio and safe for sensitive skin.  The single dose packs leave no mess, are easy and convenient to use, and are available in recyclable and resealable pouches.  (USA)

SimplexHealth Quality Water Test Kits (stand E58) is launching its new 13-in-One water testing kit.  This all-in-one test kit, allows the user to test a water sample for 13 different contaminants, conveniently and easily, at home or in the field.  The test is ideal to identify issues in water quality and provides instant results.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Greenscents (stand M53) is launching the first product in its Tinyscents range – a multi-surface nursery spray with a scentsational fragrance.  The nursery spray is organic (Soil Assocation certified), approved by Allergy UK, will eliminate up to 99.9% of household germs naturally, is vegan, and certified by Cruelty Free International.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Natural pet cosmetics company WildWash (stand A67) is showcasing its range of pet shampoos, conditioners and perfumes (made in England using only natural ingredients and 100% pure essential oils).  Free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates, phosphates, petrochemicals, synthetic or semi synthetic fragrances, and PEG’s or palm oils.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Absolute Aromas (stand C1) is introducing its new Aroma-Rolls and Aroma-Inhalers.  These travel size products are a handy way to carry pre-blended aromatherapy products, and can be used to target a variety of everyday eventualities.  Both products come in four different fragrances: Aroma-Rolls in Organic Lavender, Goodnight, Headaid, and Relaxation, and Aroma-Inhalers in Organic Lavender, Breatheasy, Refresh, and Relaxation.  (UK)

Fairliving (stand A63) is showcasing Planet Pure, a new range of certified organic and fairly traded laundry liquids.  Appealing to today’s consumer, Planet Pure has a totally ethical supply chain, as well as respect for the environment – from the Indian community who harvest the soapnuts to the hydro-powered factory employing socially disadvantaged workers.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Good Clean Love (stand C25) produces all-natural, organic intimate products, with no petrochemicals or parabens.  Its range includes personal lubricants, aphrodisiacs, and the first-ever Bio-Match product set.  (New exhibitor, USA)

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