Dry and clean air for medical ventilation devices

Oil-free compressed air supply by Dürr Technik

For the supplying of compressed air for medical mechanical ventilators a proven compression technology at a very high level is needed. A reliable air compressor is therefore the heart of the ventilator.
Dürr Technik’s oil-free compressors are successfully been used since the last 50 years in the Medical Industry.

The SICOLAB med is a soundproofed, oil-free compressor station, which is generating compressed air for the supply of a ventilation device. It works by compaction of ambient air, which makes ventilation independent of central gas supply.

The compressor station delivers dry and clean air according to ISO 8573-1 fully automatically by means of an integrated membrane dryer and three filtration steps by filter, fine filter and sub-micro filter (0,3µm). The tank size is 3 liters.

The SICOLAB med needs no manually emptying of condensate due to a automatically condensate drain via evaporation technology.

The device operates at ambient conditions of +5°C upt to +40°C and is very silent with 47 dB(A). The dew point depression is up to 15°C.

The development of the SICOLAB med is based on the know-how that Dürr Technik gathered by manufacturing soundproofed compressor stations for ventilators in the past years.

The SICOLAB med will be presented by Dürr Technik at the exhibition show MEDICA in Düsseldorf / Germany from 13.11.2017 to 16.11.2017.

The unit will be available at the beginning of 2018.

For further information please visit www.duerr-technik.com

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About Dürr Technik:

Dürr Technik belongs to the Dürr group with worldwide subsidiaries and partners. The group of companies employs in total more than 1,100 people. The headquarters of Dürr Technik are located in Bietigheim-Bissingen. Besides in Germany, Dürr is represented with production plants in Great Britain, in the USA and in China. For more than 50 years the enterprise has been dealing in oil-free compressor technology and pump technology and offers a broad standard range of small compressors and vacuum pumps, compressor stations, end user products as well as customer-specific products.





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