Ownership changes in East Capital triggers disclosure in East Capital Explorer

As reported by the Swedish FSA on 17 March, Peter Elam Håkansson has, on 16 March, filed a disclosure notice triggering a disclosure by the FSA. Mr Elam Håkansson has passed the disclosure threshold of 20%, by decreasing his ownership in East Capital Explorer (ECEX) from 20.5% to 19.7%.

This is a result of a change in ownership in East Capital Holding AB relating to Aivaras Abromavicus, a former partner of East Capital, who was appointed Minister of Economy and Trade in Ukraine in December 2014 and therefore is no longer a partner in the Company. The sale of shares through Mr Elam Håkansson forms part of the compensation to Mr Abromavicius, and thus 237,714 shares in East Capital Explorer AB have been transferred from East Capital to Mr Abromavicius directly.

East Capital would like to re-emphasize that the aforementioned disclosure announcement dated 17 March 2015 is not a result of active selling of shares by Peter Elam Håkansson or any affiliates within the company.


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