ECG Announces the Commencement of the 2013 National Pediatric Subspecialty Physician Compensation, Production, and Benefits Survey

St. Louis, MO – March 1, 2013 – ECG Management Consultants, Inc., one of the nation’s premier healthcare management consulting firms, has announced the commencement of the National Pediatric Subspecialty Physician Compensation, Production, and Benefits Survey, year 2013 based on 2012 data.  Now in its seventh year, the pediatric survey is recognized as the leading industry source of provider compensation and production benchmarks in the pediatric subspecialty market.

As organizations continue to engage physicians through alignment strategies and employment arrangements, reliable compensation and production benchmarks are critical for the assessment of physician performance and successful recruitment and retention of pediatric subspecialists.  ECG’s pediatric survey provides an in-depth review of pediatric subspecialty market trends, including provider compensation, production, benefit packages, emerging value-based compensation plan design trends, recruiting efforts and signing bonuses by specialty, reimbursement rates, and numerous other key data points.

The 2012 survey included 40 member organizations that reported information from over 3,800 pediatric subspecialist providers practicing in more than 40 medical, surgical, and hospital-based pediatric subspecialties.  Participants in the survey receive timely and reliable compensation and production benchmarks for medical, surgical, and hospital-based pediatric subspecialties, with sample sizes that meet or exceed other national industry surveys.

In addition, ECG conducts a national physician compensation and production survey, which includes data for more than 18,000 providers.  ECG performs many other research studies in partnership with organizations such as the American Medical Group Association (AMGA) and Thomson Reuters. 

ECG survey members gain exclusive access to ECGVault (, ECG’s online data portal that contains current and historical survey benchmarks at the market, organization, and provider level.  Introduced in 2011, ECGVault allows for robust organization and market trending of provider performance benchmarks by specialty, standard and custom reporting, and downloading of benchmarks and related materials at the national, regional, and market-specific level.  ECGVault enhances your organization’s ability to access the vast amounts of physician performance benchmarks gathered via the ECG surveys over the last 13 years.

Distribution of electronic survey instruments began in February, with submissions accepted through March.  Preliminary data will be available in July via ECGVault; however, only those organizations actively participating will have access to the data and reports.

For more information regarding ECG’s 2013 National Pediatric Subspecialty Physician Compensation, Production, and Benefits Survey, or to register for the survey, please contact Ms. Angela S. Collins, Manager, at or Ms. Maria C. Hayduk, Senior Manager, at or by calling 800-729-7635.

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