Karl Thedéen appointed new Managing Director and CEO of Edgeware

The Board of Directors of Edgeware AB (publ) has appointed Karl Thedéen as the new Managing Director and CEO of Edgeware AB, which will be effective during February, 2018. He will replace Joachim Roos , who on his own initiative has requested to step aside from his position as CEO in an orderly fashion during 2018. As CEO for almost 14 years, Joachim has led the company through remarkable growth and in 2016 successfully launched Edgeware on Nasdaq Stockholm. The company is now firmly established in a listed environment with a structured way of working. Joachim then feels comfortable to focus on other strategic invitiatives within the company.

Karl Thedéen is the former CEO of Transmode AB and is currently a board member of Edgeware. He provides the solid business and management experience that can take Edgeware through its next growth phase. Karl Thedéen currently serves as the SVP of Infinera´s Metro Business Group and before that CEO of Transmode AB from 2007, which he managed from a small company through an IPO in 2011 until it being acquired by Infinera in 2015. Prior to that Karl Thedéen held several leading positions for Ericsson in Sweden and in the UK. Karl Thedéen holds a Master of Science in Systems engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and is an existing board member of Semcon AB (publ).

Joachim Roos will remain as CEO of Edgeware through February 2018. The intention is for him to remain on the Edgeware executive management team in supporting the company and Karl Thedéen in achieving a smooth leadership transition and also to focus on some of the company’s strategic development activities.

“I have during almost 14 years led the company through a tremendous growth and now firmly established the company in a listed environment,” says Joachim Roos . “Now the time is right for the company to bring in a new leader who can continue growing the company and expanding the business. It has been a fantastic privilege to lead this great company, which today is leading the market place for purpose-built TV CDN systems thanks to its strong culture and all its engaged and professional employees.”

“Joachim has been an excellent CEO leading the company from an innovative start-up to a market-leading, high growth public company,” says Chairman of the Board, Michael Ruffolo . “All of us on the Board appreciate his leadership and invaluable personal contribution to the success of Edgeware. We are very pleased that Joachim is willing to remain on the senior management team leading our strategic development initiatives.”

“Karl Thedéen is an experienced and successful CEO with the background and leadership capabilities to rapidly scale the company,” says Chairman of the Board, Michael Ruffolo. Karl has the ideal profile of what the Board is searching for in a new CEO to succeed Joachim. In addition, as a current Board Director, Karl Thedéen has had the opportunity to learn the business at Edgeware and help shape its strategy. With his strong track record of success and his knowledge of Edgeware, he will hit the ground running and be able to achieve our growth goals.”

“I am very excited about this opportunity,” says Karl Thedéen. “ Edgeware is a fantastic company that operates in a fast growing application area of tech. I am happy to start at Edgeware which I know quite well after having served on the Board for two years. The future is really promising and I really look forward to take on the my new role as CEO to lead Edgeware supported by Joachim and the other members of the executive team.”

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Gunilla Wikman, Investor Relations Manager, gunilla.wikman@edgeware.tv, +46707638125 

About Edgeware

Edgeware offers leading operators and content providers the solutions to deliver modern TV services on a huge scale and at a low cost. Edgeware’s unique technology gives control and insight back to the content provider with an outstanding viewing experience. In recent years, Edgeware has experienced rapid growth, reaching sales of SEK 252 million in 2016.

Edgeware is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with a subsidiary in the US and offices in Hong Kong and Mexico. Edgeware also has sales and technical sales support staff in several locations in Europe, Asia and North and Latin America.

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Edgeware is a global high-tech company that develops and offers products that enable high-quality TV and video streaming. Edgeware’s solutions are primarily sold to telecom and cable operators as well as broadcasters and content owners that want to scalably, securely and cost-efficiently make TV and video content available to their viewers. Edgeware is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, has a subsidiary in the US and an office in Hong Kong. Edgeware also has personnel in Belgium, Brazil, Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland and the UK. Since its foundation in 2004, Edgeware has grown by about 40 percent annually, reaching a turnover of SEK 252 million in 2016. For more information, visit www.edgeware.tv


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