Latest news in English: Enersize agree on new installation agreement for Chinese polyester fibre plant together with Venergy Ltd.

Enersize has previously informed through news release on 2017-09-15 about ongoing negotiations in co-operation with Chinese partner Venergy Ltd. regarding installation of Enersize’s system in a polyester fibre plant in China. The negotiations have ended with a positive outcome and the parties has agreed on installation of Enersize’s system for compressed air efficiency in the plant.

The end-customer is a Chinese plant owned by Xinfengmin Group Co., Ltd. who is one of the ten largest polyester fibre manufacturers in China. The compressed air systems in the plant has an annual consumption of over 100 000 MWh with an installed total capacity of aproximately 20MW. The agreement initially covers approximately 6MW of the full system. Including this new agreement Enersize has signed eight new agreements in 2017.  

The agreement initially covers the plants 5 bar system which is approximately 6MW of the full system. The customer pay for the installation which also includes a 3 % savings demonstration. The customer has an option to later expand the installation to the plants other three compressed air systems as well as to energy savings projects at different fixed price packages with guaranteed savings. For savings over the guarantee levels profit sharing will be used. The installation is planned to commence in Q1 2018.

Xinfengmin Group was founded 2000 and is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The company have over
7 000 employees and a production capacity of over 1-Million-ton polyester fibre. The agreement has been signed with Venergy Ltd. as intermediary between Enersize and the end-customer. Venergy Ltd. is one of Enersize’s Chinese sales partners located in Shanghai.

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