Eniro changes its Group Management Team; Board of Directors to evaluate ownership of some parts of the Group

The Eniro Group has changed the composition of its Group Management Team to strengthen sales efforts and increase focus on the company’s customer offering. In addition, the Board of Directors are addressing the capital structure and evaluating optimal ownership of some parts of the Group.

Today, the Eniro Group has announced a number of changes to its Group Management Team. The changes will strengthen Eniro’s sales efforts and increase focus on developing the company’s future customer offering, as well as establishing a slimmer, more dynamic Group Management Team.

New customer offering
“During the last few months, we have worked intensively with the creation of Eniro’s future business proposition. In consequence, Eniro will introduce two new strong concepts to the Swedish market this fall. We operate in an extremely fragmented market where many players are competing for the local SME customers, making it quite difficult and challenging to be an advertiser today. We will meet our customers’ needs with simple, easy-to-use solutions tailored to deliver the correct marketing mix for the customer, once again proving that Eniro is where SMEs can go to get help with their local marketing,” says CEO Örjan Frid.

New Head of Sales
To strengthen the sales effort, including the introduction of Eniro’s new customer offering to the market, Mattias Wedar has been appointed acting Head of Nordic Sales. Mattias was previously Head of User & Customer Experience and has held several management positions at Eniro since 2008.

“We make this change to get a fresh perspective on our sales effort. Mattias has prior experience with managing the sales forces in both Sweden, Norway and Denmark, and I’m fully confident that he will bring new ideas to the table that will get us back on track,” says Örjan Frid.

New Group Management Team
CEO Örjan Frid has chosen to step in as acting Head of User & Customer Experience himself.

“We’re currently working hard to develop a much needed update to Eniro’s customer offering. To be able to offer a modernized, improved product portfolio is a top priority right now, and I have chosen to step in as acting Head of User & Customer Experience until the work is completed,” says Örjan Frid.

Following these changes, Eniro’s Group Management Team is constituted by CEO Örjan Frid, CFO Fredrik Sandelin, and Head of Nordic Sales Mattias Wedar.

Strategic review of Group structure and capital structure
Along with the clarification of the new customer offering, the Eniro Board of Directors is making a strategic review regarding the ownership of some of the Group holdings. In addition, the Board of Directors is addressing the capital structure of the Group.

For further information, please contact:
Örjan Frid, CEO, +46 70 561 1615

This information is information that Eniro is obliged to make public pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact person set out above, at 08:00 CET on September 21, 2016.

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