The Nomination Committee’s proposal to the Board of Directors ahead of the Annual General Meeting 2018

The Nomination Committee proposes ahead of Eniro’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) 25 April, 2018, re-election of the director Joachim Berner, also proposed as Chairman of the Board, and new-election of Johnny Sommarlund, Henrik Salwén and Magdalena Bonde.

The four proposed directors are:

Joachim Berner, born 1962, MBA, University of Gothenburg School of Business. Joachim is a board member since 2016 and Chairman of the Board since January 2018. He has previous experience in media combined with investor management. He is currently Chairman of the Board in Christian Berner Tech Trade, Gårdaverken AB, the local newspaper Mitt i Stockholm AB, Seafire and board member in Yrkesskadeakademin AB, Teknoma OY and Squid AB. Previous experience includes chief editor and CEO at Dagens Nyheter and Expressen, managing editor at GöteborgsPosten and CEO in Lowe Brindfors.

Johnny Sommarlund, born 1965, MBA, Åbo Akademi University. Johnny has previous experience within company management in combination with financial management. He is currently CEO and board member in MGA Holding AB and its’ subsidiaries. He is also part of the Board in Seliro AB, Tilgin AB, Partanker VII AS and Melanders Group AB, in which he is Chairman of the Board, and board member in Halsholm AB.

Henrik Salwén, born 1972, MBA, Uppsala University. Henrik has previous experience within business development and sales in digital services and development of sales channels, sales methods and marketing towards small and medium-sized companies. He is currently CEO and board member in Visma Advantage AB. Previous experience includes founder and CEO in Edium AB, head of production in World Access Europa, head of production in NETnetAS and board member in Visma Lindhagen AB.

Magdalena Bonde, born 1967, Master in Strategy and Finance, Heriot and Watt University. Magdalena has previous experience with e-commerce, development of marketplace models, digital growth strategies and Business Intelligence/Performance Management. She is currently Chief Supply Officer in Fyndiq AB since 2016. Previous experience includes CEO of Eniro Sverige AB, head of Eniro's Voice Operations, CEO/COO/CMO of EMM Bolaget and CEO/COO/CMO in Mogul Sweden (now Addnode), co-founder of the internet consulting company Cell, as well as Chairman of the Board in Confident Living AB and Wakers AB.

The other proposals from the Nomination Committee (AGM chair, directors’ and auditors’ fees, election of auditor and guidelines for the Nomination Committee) are presented in the published Notice to Eniro’s AGM which will be held April 25, 2018, 15.00, in the premises of Helio, Kista Timebuilding, Kistagången 12, Kista. The Nomination Committee’s proposal and reasoned statement regarding the proposed Directors to the Board and information regarding the proposed directors are available at the Company and the Company’s website,

The Nomination Committee consists of Arne Myhrman (appointed by LKM Venture Partners), Chairman of the Nomination Committee, Johnny Sommarlund (appointed by MGA Placeringar AB), llija Batljan (own shareholding and via companies) Tedde Jeansson (own shareholding and via companies) and Joachim Berner (Chairman of the Board of Eniro).

Behind the Nominating Committee’s members stand shareholders who together hold approximately
20 % of all shares and votes in the Company.

For more information, please contact: 

Arne Myhrman, Chairman of the Nomination Committee, phone +46 73-383 64 67

Eniro is a leading search company for individuals and businesses in the Nordic region. Eniro Group has about 1,700 employees. The company is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm [ENRO] and headquartered in Stockholm. More about Eniro at, and

This document has been prepared in Swedish and translated into English. In the event of any discrepancies between the Swedish and the translation, the former shall take precedence.

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Eniro is a search company that aggregates, filters and organizes local information. Our growth is driven by users’ increasing mobility and multiscreen behavior, where we are at the forefront with modern technical solutions. For more than 100 years Eniro has helped people find local information and companies find customers. Today it is a multiscreen solution – our users search for information using their smart phones, tablets and desktops. Mobile advertising is today the fastest growing part of Eniro’s business. Eniro is the local search engine. A smart shortcut to what you need, no matter where you are or where you are going. Eniro is one of the largest search companies in the Nordic region and Poland. The company has approximately 2,000 employees and has been listed on NASDAQ Stockholm since 2000. During 2014, Eniro revenues amounted to SEK 3,002m and EBITDA was SEK 631m. Approximately 88 percent of Eniro advertising revenues come from multiscreen channels. The company’s headquarters are located in Stockholm, Sweden. More on Eniro at Eniro – Discover local. Search local.


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