Allotment and Listing of Shares


EnQuest PLC - Allotment and Listing of Shares

Application has been made to the UK Listing Authority and the London Stock Exchange for an allotment and listing of 26,685,433 fully paid ordinary shares of 5p each ("the Shares") in EnQuest PLC to Capita Trustees Limited, acting in its capacity as trustee of EnQuest PLC Employee Benefit Trust (the "Trustees").  These Shares are being allotted to trade on the London Stock Exchange and to be admitted to the Official List upon allotment pursuant to the Company's and the Trustees obligations to satisfy options and awards made to employees and directors within the EnQuest PLC group of companies under the EnQuest PLC Performance Share Plan, the EnQuest PLC Restricted Share Plan, the EnQuest PLC Deferred Share Bonus Plan, the EnQuest PLC 2012 Sharesave Plan and any other employees' share scheme (as defined within section 1166 of the Companies Act 2006) adopted by EnQuest PLC (together the "Plans").  Participants in the Plan(s) have or will become entitled to these Shares following the exercise of share options/vesting of share awards.  These Shares will rank equally with the existing issued ordinary shares of the Company. The expected dated of admission of the Shares is 25 October 2017.

Under the exemption in Prospectus Rule 1.2.3R(6), the Company is not required to publish a prospectus in relation to the application referred to above.  This announcement comprises the information document referred to in that Rule.


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