William Shatner Speaks Out on Social Media

San Francisco, California - March 4, 2013 –This week on The Costa Report, host Rebecca Costa interviewed guest William Shatner, who discussed his views on Seth McFarlane’s performance at the Academy Awards and the recent controversy surrounding social media site, Reddit.

Shatner had positive comments toward Seth McFarlane. “I think he was the best to come along in a long time”, said Shatner. He apologized if the humor, considered misogynist and racist by some, was offensive, noting that it was done in an atmosphere of comedy and that McFarlane is known for his edginess, should have been expected when he was chosen as the host of the awards show.

When the conversation turned to Shatner’s recent comments about popular social media site, Reddit, Shatner offered a strong opinion to Costa and listeners, but one that explained his views more thoroughly than what has been printed in recent articles. According to him, the blanket use of hate and curse words and the open dialogue this type of speech detracts from is the primary issue. “You’re losing the subtlety of the English language. Why not use words that were invented to say the very thing in a more subtle way.” He encourages people who feel passionately to express their feelings, but in intelligent way. “There are ways of expressing yourself that are so much more meaningful, and then you get a better response.”  In doing so, Shatner believes dialogue can be had that will help break down those stereotypes and blanket beliefs. He also raised issue with anonymity, which removes the responsibility for hateful comments made. 

The full interview with William Shatner on The Costa Report, is available at http://www.rebeccacosta.com/the-costa-report.htm.

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