About Us

About EQAL:EQAL is a next-generation media company that combines technology and people to power 24/7/365 digital media properties around consumer brands and celebrities. An EQAL media property is a multiplatform digital magazine that creates a seamless experience for fans across various devices and social networks. With over 25 media properties, including Nick Cannon, Bethenny Frankel, Elizabeth Banks, The Kind Life with Alicia Silverstone, Stan Lee, Tori Spelling, Lauren Conrad, Sugar Ray Leonard, Bella Thorne, Derek Hough, Michelle Phan, KRAFT's Real Women of Philadelphia, Walk With Walgreens, and YouTube phenoms Elle & Blair Fowler, our network reaches nearly 30 million trend-setting consumers and generates over 3 billion content impressions every month. EQAL was founded by online programming pioneers Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried who created many of the "firsts" in the development of the online video industry with lonelygirl15, KateModern and Harpers Globe. In April, EQAL launched u look haute, the premier fashion and beauty channel on YouTube.