Eurocine Vaccines takes advantage of yet another influenza season, launching its second clinical study on Immunose™ FLU

Eurocine Vaccines initiates a phase I/II clinical study in older adults with its quadrivalent nasal influenza vaccine candidate Immunose™ FLU.

The purpose of the study is to evaluate safety, tolerability, as well as serological and mucosal immune responses against four influenza antigens in older adults aged 50-75. Recruitment of subjects is ongoing and about 300 subjects will be divided into seven treatment groups. The study is planned to be conducted at five locations throughout Sweden during the present influenza season.

- It is exciting to take part in such an extensive study, designed to generate new knowledge in nasal vaccination and identify strategies to generate the broadest immune response possible in this target group, says Kia Bengtsson, Director Clinical Development.

Not only does this study bring Eurocine Vaccines closer to the vision, developing the first nasal influenza vaccine for children younger than 2 years, but it also opens for a product in an additional segment that can benefit from a broader immune response as well as a more convenient, needle-free vaccination – the elderly.

- I am proud that we can advance Immunose™ FLU at a steady pace and at the same time actively seek new applications where Endocine™ can bring value as part of modern nasal vaccines, says Dr. Anna-Karin Maltais, Chief Scientific Officer.

The progress of the study can soon be followed at and results can be expected second half of 2018.

Hans Arwidsso, Ph.D., MBA
CEO of Eurocine Vaccines AB
+46 70 634 0171

Eurocine Vaccines is using its clinically validated technology Endocine™ to develop patent protected nasal vaccines. Endocine™, based on endogenous components, brings advantages such as creation of both mucosal and systemic immunity, as well as needle-free and convenient nasal vaccination.

The company´s first product candidate, the nasal quadrivalent influenza vaccine Immunose™ FLU, is currently in clinical phase I/II development, targeted to become the first approved nasal influenza vaccine for children under the age of 2 years. Within the market for influenza vaccines, children is the fastest growing segment. This is due to the recommendation by the WHO to vaccinate children against influenza.

A clinical study conducted with Immunose™ FLU in young adults in the season 2016/2017 showed good safety and immune responses in both nasal mucosa and in serum, which constitutes a good foundation for further development. The next clinical study takes place during the present influenza season, 2017/2018, and includes elderly subjects to generate necessary safety data. Concurrently, the elderly population will be evaluated as an additional business opportunity.

Eurocine Vaccines, EUCI, is traded at Aktietorget, XSAT. 

About Us

Eurocine Vaccines is a publicly listed, clinical-stage company developing nasal vaccines that meet important medical needs. The vaccines are developed up to proof of concept (clinical phase I/II) and licensed to partners for further development and commercialization. The company's proprietary vaccine adjuvant technologies, which are a key element of the nasal vaccines, are also offered to license partners for development in various indications. Present focus is on partnering the nasal influenza vaccine program, Immunose™ FLU, which has shown proof of concept in a clinical study, and on preclinical development of a nasal vaccine against bacterial pneumonia.




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