Europolitan delivers wireless telephony to Bull AB - the Wireless Office

Europolitan delivers wireless telephony to Bull AB - the Wireless Office The wireless office means that Bull AB is replacing fixed office telephones with mobile telephones All of the approximately 200 employees at Bull AB's offices in Stockholm, Linköping and Gothenburg will have access to the Wireless Office. The mobile telephony networks at all of Bull's offices include a so-called zone solution, which is built on different call charges, depending on where a member of staff calls from. The office is counted as a home zone. If a member of staff is outside the home zone, a different charge is made for the call. Bull AB gets access to advanced switch services which are of the same type as a fixed network, the only difference being that everything goes through GSM mobile telephony. "During the spring we rebuilt our office into open and flexible workplaces," says Johan Bratt, the Managing Director of Bull AB. "To be able to use all the advantages the new, flexible environment offers and increase our level of service to our customers, we also wanted to have a wireless telephone system." "We have carried out an exacting review of the wireless systems on the market, among them DECT telephony," Johan Bratt continues. "Europolitan offers the best solution to our communication needs and at a total cost which, surprisingly enough, is lower than the cost of the telephony solution which is available today." The mobile telephony network in Bull AB's offices will consist of GSM 1800 equipment. The company staff will use dual band telephones which automatically selects the frequency which is available. Europolitan is a Swedish GSM operator which prioritises service and quality. The company's head office is in Karlskrona and it leads development in technologically advanced services for GSM900/1800. The Europolitan Group, which includes the sister company Europolitan Stores AB and the stock market- listed Europolitan Holdings AB, employs around 750 people. Bull AB has a turnover of approximately SEK 500 million and employs 200 people. Bull AB sells and markets electronic trading, system integration, infrastructure and service management products and services. And always with the onus on information security. Groupe Bull, with its head office in Paris, operates in some 100 countries. The Group has a turnover of SEK 32 billion and employs 21,000 people. For more information, please contact: Robert Nilsson, Corporate Sales Manager, Europolitan AB, phone +46 708 331 412, e-mail: robert Henrik Rosendahl, Corporate Marketing Manager, Europolitan AB, phone +46 708 331 085, e-mail: Johan Bratt, Managing Director, Bull AB, phone +46 8 622 42 21, e-mail: jb@bull.ab For more information about Europolitan, visit our web site:


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