Euroseek and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in extensive development project

Euroseek and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in extensive development project Euroseek and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) will be developing and commercialising technology around the second generation of search engines and automatic text summaries of news through WAP. The project is to be partly financed by the National Swedish Board for Industrial and Technical Development (NUTEK). The Swedish company Euroseek (, with Internet services such as portals, search engine, information, entertainment, e-commerce, and wireless broadband access, will now be co-operating with the language technology group at NADA*, KTH. "This co-operation will make our search engine even more sharp-edged. The objective is to increase search precision on Internet and to offer automatic summaries of current news in several languages. Providing services in several different languages is one of the cornerstones of our concept," says Catherine Sahlgren, managing director of Euroseek. Euroseek is unique in being able to offer search functions in 39 different languages. It will now also be able to provide automatic summaries of news features. Researchers at KTH have developed the technology, which can for example be used for news items through e-mail or WAP. WAP telephones have a very small display and therefore cannot accommodate standard news items, which have to be presented summarised versions. The idea is that in future you can access the Euroseek portal through your WAP telephone and obtain an automatic text summary in a European language. Automatic text summaries are based on linguistic and statistical methods to find the most important key words in the text, so that by using key words and the structure of the text it is possible to find the most important sentences. The summary is then built up from these sentences automatically by a computer. "The technique has been under development for the last 30 years but it's only now with Internet and the Web that it has found a wider application," explains Dr. Hercules Dalianis at NADA, KTH. NUTEK is investing 1.15 million SEK to support Euroseek and KTH in this development project. The technology has already been tested on Svenska Dagbladet's (leading Swedish daily newspaper) news flashes. For more information contact: Catherine Sahlgren, managing director: telephone 070 - 567 25 50, or For more information on the company and the recently commenced trading with the Euroseek share, see where there is also an Investor Relations section. * NADA = Numerical Analysis and Computer Science Euroseek ( is the leading European Internet service with in-house Internet access based on wireless broadband, a wide range of integrated Internet services, and its own search engine. The Euroseek portal and its content is designed uniquely for all the European countries and in 39 languages. Euroseek offers economical Internet connections, relevant information, multimedia, entertainment, services and e-commerce, for all Europeans - quickly and reliably, whenever and where ever. Euroseek has its head office in Stockholm, and the group has 100 employees, a portal traffic of 30 million visits, and 110 million page exposures per month. ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: