EVRY ASA: Negotiation update related to Samlink Oy

As described in the IPO prospectus by EVRY in relation to the listing of the shares dated 6 June 2017, EVRY has been in negotiations with the owners of Samlink Oy for a potential acquisition of the company and to enter into long term service contracts with the banks.

EVRY has today received notice that the Board of Samlink Oy has decided to invite other potential buyers into the transaction process.

Whilst the Board of Samlink Oy has expressed their interest in continuing the negotiations, EVRY will now, based on the received information, consider its options and evaluate whether to continue the negotiations or not.

For investor enquiries:

Frank Stangnes, Head of Group Treasury and Investor Relations, (+47) 47453275

For media enquiries:

Unni Strømstad, EVP Communications and Marketing Tel: (+47) 97753453

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