Stockholm, Sweden, 23 November 2010 – C2SAT (NGM-Stock Exchange, C2ST), a supplier of maritime VSAT antenna systems, today announced that the C2SAT 1.2 m Ku II has passed the technical qualification testing performed by SpeedCast in Hong Kong, and has now received approval for use on SpeedCast’s Maritime network. The test report concluded that the antenna works with SpeedCast’s iDirect based global maritime network using the OpenAMIP antenna communication protocol that allows seamless auto beam switching on both cross-pol. and co-pol. satellites.

"We are delighted to accept C2SAT’s 1.2m Ku II VSAT as another approved Ku-band antenna, which can be used on our maritime network. We are pleased for C2SAT to join our portfolio of 5 different manufacturers on our network that are able to work in seamless auto beam switching mode, offering unmatched flexibility and choice to our customers. SpeedCast was first to bring to market such a seamless automatic beam switching service based on small Ku-band antennas and iDirect technology, and has gained a technical leadership position in that field," commented Nick Dukakis, SpeedCast’s VP of Maritime and Offshore Services.

About SpeedCast

SpeedCast Ltd. is a leading satellite telecommunications service provider that offers high-quality managed networks services in over 35 countries in Asia, Middle East and Africa. With 10 international points of presence and 7-teleport-operations, it boasts a unique infrastructure to serve corporate and carriers' requirements. Operating over 10 VSAT platforms SpeedCast has developed a strong operations expertise and an efficient support organization, which are at the root of SpeedCast's success. Leveraging the latest satellite technologies, SpeedCast has taken leadership positions in Asia in the provision of reliable and efficient network services to key industries like Cellular networks, Maritime, Banking or Oil & Gas. SpeedCast Ltd is also a pioneer in the delivery of digital media content and turnkey video platforms to Service Providers and Media Broadcasters, including 3G TV and DVB-H based Mobile TV platforms. Operating on many different satellites in both C-band and Ku-band, and partnering with Tier 1 carriers for its fiber requirements, SpeedCast Ltd and its 150 partners worldwide provide first-class services and 24/7 technical support. (www.speedcast.com)

About C2SAT

Headquartered in Solna, Sweden, with a subsidiary in Singapore, and a BSO in Shanghai, China, C2SAT develops, manufactures and supplies innovative 4-axes stabilised VSAT antenna systems that provide vessels in motion with on-line two-way satellite broadband communication. The system is protected by a series of global patents. C2SAT holding AB (publ.) is listed on the NGM Stock Exchange with the ticker C2ST and with Mangold as market maker. C2SAT is a registered trademark. (www.C2SAT.com)

For additional information, please contact:

Norbert Hentschel, CEO C2SAT Asia Pacific

77 Loyang Way, Singapore 508765

Tel: +65 6 225 88269 184 7040, norbert.hentschel@C2SAT.se

Lars Davås, CFO & IR contact at C2SAT

Dalvägen 16, SE-169 56 Solna, Sweden

Tel: +46 8 705 95 13, lars.davas@C2SAT.se

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