Eyeonid Group AB (publ) has called for Tranche 2 from the European Select Growth Opportunities Fund, free warrants to existing shareholders

Eyeonid Group AB (“Eyeonid Group”) has called for a second tranche of SEK 20 million in line with the financing agreement with European Select Growth Opportunities Fund (the “Investor” or “ESGO”) announced in a press release on January 31, 2018. The transaction will take place through the issuance of convertible notes with related warrants (TO3). This is the second of up to five tranches totalling SEK 100 million.

In conjunction with the transaction, Eyeonid will also issue free identical warrants (TO3) to existing shareholders, to protect them against dilution (the “Shareholders Warrants”). Shareholders Warrants will be issued to Eyeonid Group's subsidiary Eyeonid Intressenter AB and will then be transferred to Eyeonid Group's shareholders. In the Tranche 2, one (1) warrant will be awarded free of charge for thirty-four (34) shares held on the record date. Reconciliation day is estimated to be approximately one week after the warrants have been registered with Bolagsverket. The company will publish a press release on the final record date after such registration.

“Ever since I joined the company in 2016, the vision has been to take a lead position once the market is mature. This by creating a product, EyeOnID, as is as natural to have for those who want to monitor their privacy online as an antivirus when you own a computer. 
The company is currently in an extremely exciting and expansive phase based on the major international lead pipes we built for a long time and as we now expect to see results from. We will continue to work based on the strategy and objectives previously communicated and where the continued funding will enable us to further increase the rate.” Says Daniel Söderberg, CEO Eyeonid Group.

Facts about the transaction:

  • This Tranche 2 is implemented as a directed issue of SEK 20 million to the Investor through the issue of convertibles notes (“Notes”) with related warrants (“Warrants”).
  • Upon full exercise of the warrants and shareholders warrants from Tranche 1 and this Tranche 2, Eyeonid Group will receive an additional SEK 55 million (SEK 27.5 million from each of  Tranche 1 and Tranche 2).
  • In addition to the Tranches 1 and 2, Eyeonid Group may raise an additional SEK 60 million through the Notes of subsequent Tranches (plus up to SEK 137.5 million upon full exercise of all warrants and shareholder warrants, provided all Tranches are claimed by Eyeonid) through similar targeted issues of Notes with related Warrants during the next 31 months, at Eyeonid’s discretion.
  • On Tuesday, July 3, 2018, the Board of Directors of Eyeonid Group approved the execution of the transaction with the Investor, and resolved the issue of the Notes, Warrants and Shareholder Warrants of Tranche 2, as part of the emission authorization granted by the Annual General Meeting of June 15, 2018.


  • The principal amount per Note is SEK 100,000.
  • The Notes are interest-free.
  • The maturity of the Notes is 12 months from the date of registration of the Board's decision on the issue of the Notes with Bolagsverket.
  • Eyeonid Group has the right to choose between repaying with cash or issuing shares upon request of conversion. This enables Eyeonid Group to reduce potential dilution effects resulting from the Notes.
  • The conversion price corresponds to the reference price with a 7.5% discount (the reference price being the lowest daily volume weighted average price (VWAP) over the previous 15 trading days, excluding days during which the Investor will have been trading on the market. 

Warrants (TO3)

  • The Warrants (TO3) have a maturity of three (3) years from the date of registration of the Board's decision on the issue of the Warrants with Bolagsverket.
  • Each Warrant entitles the holder to subscribe for one (1) new share (subject to standard adjustments under their terms and conditions) in Eyeonid Group at a strike price of SEK 11.30 (corresponding to 115% of the VWAP during the 15 trading days preceding the date of the Request, i.e. July 3).
  • Under this Tranche 2, 884,955 Warrants (TO3) are issued to the Investor and 1,546,520 Shareholder Warrants (TO3) are issued to the shareholders.
  • Shareholder Warrants will have the same characteristics as the Warrants and will be listed on the NGM Nordic MTF together under the name "Eyeonid Group TO3". Exercise periods for the Warrants to subscribe new shares will be announced separately.

The terms of the Notes, Warrants (TO3) and Shareholder Warrants (TO3) will be published on Eyeonid Group’s website https://www.eyeonid.com/investor/documents.

Eyeonid Group has also decided to change the management of disclosure about this financing agreement with European Select Growth Opportunities Fund (ESGO). Eyeonid Group will not issue press releases for future conversions of Notes by ESGO. Updated information is instead made available on Eyeonid’s website via the attached link: https://www.eyeonid.com/investor/documents

For further information, please contact:  

Henrik Sundewall, Chairman of the board Eyeonid Group
Phone +4676 877 00 00 
Daniel Söderberg, CEO, Eyeonid Group AB (publ)
Phone +4673 422 79 30

Eyeonid was founded in 2014 and has since its inception developed a technically complex and advanced platform for proactive ID protection services. The company's service monitors and alerts customers when sensitive, private and corporate digital information, such as login credentials, credit card numbers and social security numbers, are found at unauthorized sites on the internet, whereupon the customer can act and protect himself.  

This information is information that Eyeonid Group AB (publ) is obliged to disclose under the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The information was provided, through the contact of the above contact person, for publication on the 4th July 2018.