Voimaosakeyhtiö SF purchased E.ON’s share in Fennovoima

Fennovoima’s majority owner Voimaosakeyhtiö SF has purchased E.ON’s 34 per cent share in Fennovoima. Voimaosakeyhtiö SF now owns all of Fennovoima's shares.

In October 2012, E.ON announced that it is divesting all its operations in Finland, including its ownership in Fennovoima’s nuclear power plant project in Pyhäjoki.

Through Voimaosakeyhtiö SF, 61 companies are participating in Fennovoima. These companies represent industry and trade as well as utilities owned by Finnish municipalities and towns.

Fennovoima’s next milestone is selecting the plant supplier. This will take place during 2013.

For more information: Chairman of Fennovoima Board and CEO of Voimaosakeyhtiö SF Pekka Ottavainen, tel. +358 (0) 20 757 9247

Fennovoima is constructing new nuclear power in order to produce reasonably priced electricity for the Finnish trade and industries and for Finnish households, help Finland to move toward energy self-sufficiency and increase competition in electricity markets.

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Fennovoima is a Finnish nuclear power company established in 2007. Fennovoima is constructing a new nuclear power plant in Pyhäjoki. For more information see fennovoima.com