Billionaire Alki David Says Barry Diller Should Turn Over "Lame Aereo Domain Name" As FilmOn.TV Offers Superior Service For Free

FilmOn.TV Launches Free Local And Premiun TV Service In New York  With $100 Million Dollar Ad Campaign 

NEW YORK, March 1, Mar 01, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE via COMTEX) -- (http://www.FilmOn.TV)

An irreverent commercial featuring Alki David, the controversial billionaire and founder of FilmOn.TV, started airing in New York and the Tri-State area today, offering consumers five hundred live TV Channels as well as DVR storage space for free!

The offering includes all the local Major Networks NBC, CBS, Fox and ABC as well as a wide range of premium US brands such as TMZ Live, Sesame Street, Nickelodeon, ESPN, MSNBC and Wall Street Journal. Also celebrity driven channels including Anderson Cooper and Chelsea Handler are included. A wide selection of Latin and International content is also freely available.

The TV Ad campaign promotes the free FilmOn service to consumers and the fact that they can watch live or record to remote DVRs. Consumers can watch their favorite shows live on mobile devices, PCs and internet-connected TVs or playback at a later time.

The worldwide TV ad campaign that starts in New York is accompanied by online, print and outdoor media which will also be rolled out in the coming weeks in the other thirty major US markets in which the FilmOn service is already freely available.

"FilmOn is a world-wide platform and already serving geo-restricted local television in thirty major US markets including New York, New-Jersey, Connecticut, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Washington DC, San Francisco and Denver. Boston will be coming online next week and one additional city a week will be added thereafter", said founder and CEO Alki David.

The additional TV channels on offer at FilmOn are made up of content deals FilmOn has secured and include major providers such as the Arena Football League, Football Premiership, NCAA, IMG, Disney, NBC and many others. FilmOn also offers its own brand of content and interactive television through its Los Angeles-based broadcast station KILM (BATTLECAM LIVE) which is also freely available on FilmOn.

About the business Mr. David said: "The FilmOn business model is based on the notion that today the consumer expects to receive content for free. FilmOn is breaking conventions but also bringing back the youth to watch TV. Additional services such as expanded DVR and HD viewing carry a premium which a smaller user group would be willing to pay for."

FilmOn subsidizes the free offering with pre-roll commercials and mid-roll ads where FilmOn controls the space. This provides advertisers with in-depth analytics and consumer behavior previously unavailable to broadcasters.

In a much-publicized copyright lawsuit with Barry Diller's Aereo, Mr. David added: "Aereo is not a threat. We really tried to get friendly with them and join forces but Barry Diller sued me over a joke! They have no content of their own and actually ask the consumer to pay for something that is already freely available. By example our own white label version AERO.TV is an embarrassment of riches compared to Aereo's lame effort! In Europe and the Middle East FilmOn is already the premier online TV brand. Our partnership with Lenovo will help us break deep into Asia. Let's face it Barry should quit while he's still a little relevant and turn over which by rights belongs to me anyway!"

The first commercial to hit the TV screens features FilmOn founder and CEO Alki David driving a red Ferrari at high speed while watching TV on a mobile phone. A second commercial featuring Mike The Situation from Jersey Shore fame will appear on local television in the coming weeks.

The graphical image attached is a side-by-side comparison from Amazon's online data site depicting the popularity differences between FilmOn and Aereo. FilmOn clearly towers over Aereo.

The commercial