Airports assessed by passengers, Helsinki Airport performs better than before

Helsinki Airport, maintained by Finavia, performed better than last year in the Airport Service Quality survey, which measures air passenger satisfaction. The total grade of Helsinki Airport in 2012 was 4.02, whereas in 2011 it was 3.92. The scale is from 1 to 5 (excellent).

According to the results, Helsinki Airport has improved its services in almost all of the themes included in the survey. The passengers were more happy than before with the wireless network, the queuing time for border control, and the politeness and helpful attitude of the border control personnel. Finavia has invested heavily in the functionality of the wireless network, and also in mobile service through it.

The services of the airport have been developed for smooth travels, and the input also clearly shows in the results of the Airport Service Quality survey. The strengths of Helsinki Airport in the survey were the ease of switching planes, the well-functioning border control procedures, the feeling of security, and the ease of moving around at the airport. Further strengths include the polite and helpful attitude of the staff, and the queuing time for border control.

"We have worked hard to make the airport an even smoother hub for millions of passengers. The results indicate that Finavia and its partners have performed very well indeed. However, the airport is never ready, which means that we will continue to work hard for a smooth and comfortable passenger experience. An increasing share of international air passengers partly select their flight ticket based on the transit airport, which is why it is important to maintain the high service level of Helsinki Airport and also develop it in the future," says Ville Haapasaari, Airport Director at Finavia.

Implemented by Airports Council International, the Airport Service Quality survey is a continuous survey measuring passenger satisfaction at airports. At Helsinki Airport, information is collected through personal interviews in gate areas according to the passenger structure. Interviews are conducted evenly all year round. In 2012, about 1,400 passengers were interviewed.

In 2012, Helsinki Airport had more than 14 passengers. About one-third of them were transit passengers, mainly on routes between Europe and Asia. As a result of transit travel, the flight connections to and from Finland to different locations in Europe and Asia are exceptionally comprehensive.

How to make the airport a smooth, pleasant place for passengers? Watch Finavia's video: Helsinki Airport - Designed for smooth travelling

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