Kid-friendly Craft Projects and Supplies

Whether school is out for the summer, or your readers are looking for a fun project to keep their kids entertained on the weekend, Fiskars school tools help bring imaginations to life. Fiskars’ Kids Scissors are great for little hands but are still sharp enough to cut through a variety of materials comfortably and accurately. For a fun twist on another classic school tool, replace the pencil on Fiskars’ Plastic Compass with a paintbrush and have children create a piece of art by painting circles on a blank canvas or heavier piece of paper. Check out Fiskars’ round-up of school supplies to help kids express their creativity all year long.

  • Kids Scissors – Fiskars’ Pointed-tip and Blunt-tip kids scissors are available in a range of sizes and designs for safe and high-quality cutting for kids of all ages. The scissors are also available with a non-stick coating, making it easy to cut cleanly through materials with sticky adhesive like tape or glue without gumming up.
  • Plastic Compass – Available in a variety of colors, Fiskars’ compass features a plastic safety tip that holds the compass in place without damaging paper, while a locking mechanism helps to further improve accuracy.
  • Mess-Less Sharpener – The sharpener is ideal for both pencils and crayons. Also available in different colors, the sharpener traps shavings and can be easily emptied by removing endcaps.
  • Ruler – Designed to coordinate with the colors of Fiskars’ kids scissors, the rulers are marked with easy-to-read inches and centimeters.

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