BLOXR Corporation Launches X-Ray Protection Factor (XPF) Technology

SALT LAKE CITY—BLOXR Corporation has unveiled its innovative X-Ray Protection Factor (XPF) technology for use in radiation protection apparel for healthcare professionals.  Its revolutionary bi-layer technology eliminates the use of lead and other toxic metals while providing protection equivalent to lead.

“Our XPF technology allows doctors to work with minimal exposure to dangerous radiation, and the material is extremely light to prevent fatigue.  We are proud to release these products that protect the professionals who protect us,” said Rai Chowdhary, Vice President of Operations and Engineering.

BLOXR has incorporated its XPF technology into thyroid collars, surgical caps, skirts, vests and aprons.  The unique XPF material allows for machine washability, flexibility and comfort to the user as the products are about 50% lighter than lead. For more information about the new XPF technology, visit

BLOXR was established in 2011, and since then has launched a line of XPF products that have changed the radiation protection industry. BLOXR is committed to creating safe, lightweight, non-toxic, revolutionary new technology - always with the clinician and our environment in mind. For more information, contact BLOXR by calling 855.256.9729. You can also send an email to


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