Fortum's Russian subsidiary TGC-10 de-listed from the MICEX

Fortum Corporation                                                              
Stock exchange release                                                          
22.10.2008 at 9.15 EET 

Fortum's Russian subsidiary TGC-10 de-listed from the MICEX                     

Following the rules and regulations of the MICEX Stock Exchange, Fortum         
Corporation's Russian subsidiary, Territorial Generating Company No. 10 (TGC-10)
has been de-listed because Fortum's ownership in the company has increased over 
the 90% threshold.                                                              

TGC-10 is still listed on the RTS Stock Exchange. A similar de-listing decision 
is expected from RTS after 31 October 2008 unless Fortum decreases its ownership
in TGC-10 that. Fortum has no intention on doing so.                            

In April 2008, Fortum made a mandatory public tender offer (MTO) for the entire 
share capital of Territorial Generating Company No. 10 (TGC-10) to TGC-10       
minorities. At the end of September, Fortum's ownership in TGC-10 was over 93%  
including shares owned by TGC-10's fully-owned subsidiary.                      

Fortum Corporation                                                              
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