Local New York Businesses, Such as Frames Bowling Lounge, Weigh in on Mayor Bloomberg’s Soda Ban

New York, NY---After much back and forth negotiation, a Judge ordered the repeal of Bloomberg’s imminent soda ban, due to roll out Tues, March 12th. It was apparently determined to be wildly unconstitutional, reeking of Prohibition-era type politics, and has been shelved for now. In preparation, many restaurants and businesses made costly changes from purchasing new glassware to printing revised in-house materials.

In lieu of this ban on the sale of sugary drink pitchers, Frames Bowling Lounge seized the opportunity to expand on fresh beverage options available to customers, and introduced recipes for pitchers of Freshly Squeezed Juice.  They hope other businesses follow their lead in having healthier alternatives to soda available to patrons.  Frames has recently been featured in many news articles as seeing this as a possibility to promote specially crafted Fresh Juices.

The chef at Frames has designed juice recipes, including options that feature fresh carrots, citrus and hints of mint, as well as a beet, apple and cinnamon blend that proved both sweet and flavorful.

Frames hopes to now satisfy the average customer, who arrives in a group and wants a round of drinks available for all their friends, by offering up a pitcher of fresh juice with an order of Burger and Fries instead of just the standard pitcher of soda.

Below are the fresh ingredients blended in two of their brand new juices:

Citrus Blend-- 
Tri color carrots 
Florida Sunkist Oranges 
Fresh Vanilla Bean 
Spring Mint

Cranberry Apple Blend-- 
Red Delicious Apple 
Young Red Beets 

Frames Bowling Lounge is located at 550 9th Avenue, and features 2 full service bars, laneside food and cocktail service, 26 Sleek Bowling Lanes and a VIP room with 2 Private Lanes.

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