FRIMA puts multifunctional appliances through their paces at Northern Restaurant and Bar Show

Two models of the VarioCooking Center demonstrate versatility of the range

Visitors to stand 211 at this year’s Northern Restaurant & Bar show, to be held at Manchester Central (17th-18thMarch 2015), can get hands-on experience of FRIMA’s high-tech VarioCooking Center Multificiency. They will be able to experience the flexibility and benefits of the unit and see how easy it is to prepare a variety of food, using the market’s leading multifunctional cooking appliance.

On display will be the 112T, the tabletop model that packs all the technological innovations of its larger siblings into a compact unit, making it ideal for places where space is an issue.

The 112T is the first and only tabletop multifunctional unit of its type. Like all models in the VarioCooking Center range it allows chefs to boil, grill, shallow fry, deep fry, and use low temperature cooking techniques. Compared to conventional appliances it cooks four times as fast and saves up to 40% in energy. Measuring just 962mm wide by 800mm deep and 400mm high, it has two 14 litre pans.

The 112T can replace kettles, large pots, bratt pans, fryers and griddles, saving significant space in the kitchen while maintaining a high level of functionality.

The VarioCooking Center 211+ will also be shown. This model is a 100-litre single pan unit ideal for larger quantities of food. The additional pressure cooking option makes the unit ultra-fast, for example 45kg of casserole can be prepared in just one hour.

On both models the VarioCooking intelligent control system manages every aspect of the cooking process. This eliminates many time-consuming routine chores, such as temperature adjustments. Chefs can simply select the desired result from the touch-screen and the process starts automatically, alerting staff if further input is required, for example if liquid needs to be added to a sauce or stock.

Another useful feature is the VarioDose water inlet, which automatically fills the pans according to requirements, for example when cooking pasta, rice or vegetables, providing accurate water dosage. Meanwhile the integrated water drain allows the unit to be installed in areas without a floor drain.

The VarioBoost heating system is capable of heating the VarioCooking Center up to 200°C very quickly – as little as two minutes for the 112T unit and two and a half minutes for the 211. Heat transfer remains even across the whole of the pan, with the side walls remaining unheated, resulting in no scorching, sticking or risk of burning at the edge of the pan. This makes the unit very easy and fast to clean. Because a VarioCooking Center eliminates the need for manual handling of large pots and pans it enhances kitchen safety.

Visit stand 211 at the Northern Restaurant & Bar show to discover more.

For information and brochures, or to come to a free Cooking Live demonstration, call FRIMA UK on 0845 680 3981, email or visit

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Northern Restaurant and Bar show preview – Jan-15

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