Frima shows new factory to UK partner network

“Fantastic trip” for 15 UK catering equipment companies

On 13th and 14th October, 26 foodservice professionals representing 15 leading catering equipment distributors and kitchen design houses visited the new Frima factory extension, in Wittenheim, Alsace. The new factory has doubled the company’s production capacity and has been built to keep up with increasing demand for the multifunctional VarioCooking Center cooking technology.

Graham Kille is managing director of Frima UK. “These trips give our partners the chance to get training on the VarioCooking Center and learn about our business and the partner programme,” he says. “There is also the chance to network and find out about the opportunities and issues they face in designing modern commercial kitchens. The trips are very popular and, as our dealer partner network grows, we will be arranging more of them.”

The factory extension features a new production hall with an additional assembly cell and state-of-the-art logistics. The training centre where the visitors were based has also been completely refurbished with the latest IT.

The companies represented on the trip were Aggora, Salix, Airedale, InStock, Little Duffy, Garners, Allsop and Pitts, Catering Equipment Solutions, Caterfix, Peniston, BBCS, QCM, Milestone, Wilcox Burchmore and PCD.

David Iacono of Caterfix summed up the trip in one word: “Fantastic.” He added, “Like many people we are very busy and taking two days out wasn’t easy – but this trip was completely worth it. We were well looked after and it really helped us understand more about the Frima technology.

“The VarioCooking Center is a remarkable piece of equipment. I think, in ten years’ time, Frima could be as big as Rational.”

Graham was delighted by the positive reaction from everyone on the trip. “The demand for hi-tech, multifunctional cooking appliances is growing dramatically around the world, and the UK is no different,” he says. “More and more distributors are coming on board with us. The VarioCooking Center is market leader in its sector because it provides the most energy efficient, flexible, easy to use, space saving and fast cooking solution.”

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Dealer trip October 2016 – Oct-16

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The people on the Frima dealer trip, 13-14 October 2016, were:

Mr James Norris

Mr Michael Burchmore

Mr Clive Keogh

Mr Jonathan Hale

Mr David Whiteley

Mr Christopher Robson

Mr Phillip King

Mr David Iacono

Mr Anthony Pleaden

Mr James Woolnough

Mr Christopher Hobson

Mr Gerald Oakley

Mr Max Oakley

Mr Graham Jones

Mr Andrew Norfolk

Mr Timothy Fisher

Mr Simon Parry

Ms Rebekka Blount

Mr Barry Webb

Mr Stuart Campbell

Mr Robert Menzies

Mr Geoffrey Edwards

Ms Deborah Pleasants

Mr Neill Pleasants

Mr Steven Ambrose

Mr Benjamin Bates


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