New version Oil Cart for the FRIMA VarioCooking Center Multificiency

Oiling the wheels of frying

The new VarioCooking Center® Multificiency® allows chefs to fry faster, with better quality and versatility than a dedicated fryer, while using up to 40% less energy. Not only is it extremely fast and efficient, but the Multificiency can also be used as a bratt pan, kettle pan, boiler, pressure cooker and a griddle. It's probably the only fryer you can also use to prepare pasta, sauces, casseroles, and even pancakes and then quickly return to deep frying within minutes.

The VarioCooking Center Multificiency Oil Cart accessory makes frying oil management easier, safer and much faster. The oil cart can be used for filling, discharging, filtering and hygienically storing oil used for deep frying, enabling the chef to quickly change between the units many functions. When the Multificiency isn’t being used for deep-frying, the cart can be easily wheeled out of the way, storing the oil safely until it is next required.

The oil cart has a preheating mode that can melt solid fat in advance, preheat the oil and dispense it into the Multificiency safely at up to five litres per minute. After use, the oil is returned to the cart and filtered through a removable Teflon filter, which can be easily washed immediately after use.

The cart can store up to 49 litres of any type of oil, solid or liquid, and its sealed design ensures it won't leak or spill. Safety is built in to the design - even when the oil is at a working temperature of 180°C, the external casing of the unit shouldn't exceed 70°C and the pump automatically cuts out after the filling process.

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The VarioCooking Center® Multificiency® from Frima delivers the latest cooking technology into the kitchen to assist the chefs and help them cope with their ever increasing challenges. Modern kitchens no longer require the old inefficient conventional appliances like six ring burners, fryers, bratt pans and griddles. The VarioCookingCenter® Multificiency® does all the work they used to and more, in less space, less time and using less energy. With its easy to use control panel the Frima not only cooks up to four times faster than conventional appliances, but also delivers great savings – up to 40% lower energy and water consumption, less food shrinkage and lower fat consumption – leading to higher profitability on food sales. The Frima VarioCooking Center® Multificiency® is the future of modern cooking.