Press Announcement: Dr Bertrand Piccard at Astana EXPO-2017 Future Energy Forum 21 - 22 August 2017 "Energy Solutions for the Climate Change Problem"

Dr Bertrand Piccard, inventor of the first solar powered aircraft, will be the special guest of the tenth conference of the Astana EXPO-2017 Future Energy Forum "Energy Solutions for the Climate Change Problem" taking place on August 21 and 22. Partners of the conference are LOGA Group and The DO School.

The conference will be opened by a plenary session. Aset Isekeshev, Akim of Astana city; Uzakbay Karabalin, Deputy Chairman of "KAZENERGY" Association; Alisher Pirmetov, First Deputy Chairman of Astana EXPO-2017; Magzum Mirzagaliyev, Vice-Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Jeffrey Ball, scientist and lecturer of Stanford’s Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance will participate in the session. Ben Caldecott, Director of Sustainable Finance Programme, Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment of University of Oxford, will host the conference.

The keynote by Dr Bertrand Piccard on the theme "Progress and sustainability" will be the central event of the conference. Dr Piccard and his colleague André Borschberg managed to achieve the impossible – the first ever round-the-world solar flight, without fuel and pollutions. He devoted his life to discovering the limits of the possible and to the organization of complex projects at the interface between advanced sciences and travelling. Continuing his family traditions on environment protection he wanted to demonstrate the infinite possibilities of clean technologies. Together with his wife Michèle, he conceived the Solar Impulse project. Widely recognized, Solar Impulse has become an inspiring platform for progress and sustainability, raising public awareness and encouraging political actions in favor of clean technologies and energy efficiency.

The tenth conference is also devoted to start-ups in the field of sustainability, and gives voice to the young entrepreneurs who want to build their businesses in the sector of future energy.

The participants will work in groups on five tasks to address climate change under the facilitation and experts of The DO School, a worldwide educational platform dedicated to innovations, entrepreneurship and successful business. The DO School unites executives, innovators and political leaders to search for new solutions and develop energy of the future.

The participants will be challenged with objectives of developing solutions that will contribute to the improvement of urban living standards and access to investment concepts, facilitate participation of international businesses in local sustainable development initiatives, increasing loyalty to use of wind turbines in rural areas as well as activities that can influence the public opinion and popular acceptance of green and renewable energy.

During the conference international and Kazakh experts will discuss the effectiveness of innovations in energy, climate change challenges, the role of social institutions in development of future energy, financial models of clean energy and aspects of renewable energy's influence on living standards.

At the conclusion, Ben Caldecott will summarize the main outcomes to be incorporated in "Astana EXPO-2017 Manifesto of Values and Principles". The document will include key recommendations, solutions, innovations and actions developed during the 12 conferences of the Forum. It serves as a legacy of the event, but more importantly as a blueprint for the international energy transition.

Note for the editors

The Astana EXPO-2017 Future Energy Forum was launched on June 29 and has established itself as a vital space for progressing the international energy revolution. Within the framework of the Forum 9 of 12 conferences within the series have already taken place. The Forum features an extensive agenda: plenary sessions, debates, keynotes, round tables and workshops make up the diverse and substantial programme.

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