Jigsaw Meeting Expands Service Offerings To Include “Smart” Corporate Online Training Software Applications.

Jigsaw Meeting of Atlanta, GA one of the leaders in web video conferencing and desktop share applications has once again expanded their offerings. Jigsaw Meeting now provides online corporate training solutions with a host of features and customization abilities. This will allow savvy corporations to conduct online meeting that we will be interactive and engaging at a fraction of the price of traditional in person training meetings. Their software still allows face to face meeting via their quality web conferencing software. Plus with a host of additional features including document sharing and video review features their platform may even be more productive as a training tool compared to the traditional method.

Jigsaw Meeting  Virtual Classroom  and Training Software is designed to aid institution, colleges, and other training programs the ability to conduct online training sessions and meetings to increase the reach and scalability of their training programs. This will allow a setting that will allow employee’s from home or local office to get the training they may need from a comfortable chair without the cost of travel. Thus their training software will allow the employers a low cost methodology to expand beyond the confines of brick and mortar. This issure to be a 360 degree solution that makes everyone involved happy. This application is ideal for corporate trainers as well as educators to consider.

Jigsaw has received many award nominations including Spirit of Endeavor Awards under the category of “Cool Technology”. However the real winners may be businesses and colleges taking advantage of this new software that will open doors to training solutions that the trainers and trainees will appreciate. Plus with the cost of gasoline and travel in general will help eliminate costly meetings. Click Ready Marketing Vice President Michael Lawson says; Jigsaw’s online training platform has been a welcomed tool to educate both employees and clients in an interactive environment.” He further states, “ the time savings along involved with traveling has saved his company thousands this year.”

Jigsaw Meeting is designed to simulate a face to face meeting in a web driven application.  The company has created icon driven tools that allow the presenter and the meeting participants to independently manage how they view, receive and manipulate the meeting data and their experience in the meeting. Jigsaw Meeting can be used for simple conference calls to complex meetings and training.

Jigsaw Meeting offers a revolutionary new way to conduct online corporate training. People actually engage in meetings through a proprietary and unique visual/activity based model designed to let each participant personalize how and what information will be presented to them throughout the meeting and yet still allow the meeting host to manage and control the meeting. The end result is a truly interactive, accountable and effective online meeting for all. Their corporate training software is designed to engage and empower everyone in the meeting through various interactive tools. This provides an accountability factor that is unique in the online meeting industry as each participant can fulfill their specific role in the meeting, resulting in effective meetings for everyone.

To find out more about how Jigsaw Meeting can facilitate your online training methodology please follow the link: Online Training Solutions