Slimberry Frozen Yogurt Opens Another Location In Alpharetta, GA

Slimberry Frozen Yogurt opens another location at the Brookside Station Shopping Center in Alpharetta, GA. Slimberry’s yogurt guarantees to put a smile on almost any face with their tasty new self-serve concept. The yogurt is simply de-li-ci-ous. The variety of goodies to top off with varies from fruits and nuts to candies, cookies and/or chocolate and caramel sauce. Slimberry offers a healthier alternative in comparison to traditional choices by offering an all natural frozen treat.

The big news is also that now Slimberry Frozen Yogurt is now offering franchise opportunities. Frozen yogurt is the hottest new dessert since ice cream! Although it has been around for many years, the opportunity to create income from the frozen yogurt business has never been better. Consumers are seeking healthier alternatives that still offer the taste to satisfy. Thus frozen yogurt shops are filling this niche. As an example of the success; this location is just one of four they are opening over the next few months.

Serkan Nazli, founder of Slimberry Frozen Yogurt, says; “he wanted to create something special”. He knew that offering a healthier dessert such as frozen yogurt served in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere would be a hit among young and old alike. Today, frozen yogurt shops are in high demand and have the potential to create mass appeal. Yogurt shop owners with the right location can expect a steady revenue stream along with loyal fans.

Franchising seems to be the natural way to grow a business. Slimberry Frozen Yogurt has the formula on how to set up, design and operate an efficient operation. Slimberry has their own line of equipment that gives them a cutting edge. Plus they have a team of talented marketers helping create a brand that will stand out in the marketplace.  However with any business, the biggest issue is finding the best possible management to run the shop. Having a locally owned and operated franchisee will help to maintain Slimberry’s commitment to quality and standards.

Yogurt Shop Franchises may have an edge over cafes, ice cream stores and coffee shop franchises. Basically, the self serve concept takes fewer employees and corresponding payroll to operate. This means the franchisee will get the best bang for the buck. Low cost operation is a key to success in maintaining a profitable retail operation.

Slimberry Frozen Yogurt offers many exciting flavors.  Check out their website for all the choices.  But beware, this may result in a mouth watering experience. Better yet, if you live near Alpharetta, visit their new store. The address is 4075 Old Milton Pkwy., Alpharetta, GA, 30005. You can also learn more about Slimberry Frozen Yogurt on Facebook at Here is a tip! “Like” them on Facebook and you will receive special discounts and coupons.

Soon a Slimberry Frozen Yogurt Shop may be opening in your neighborhood. They have a locations page on their website for full details. If you are interested in learning more about franchising opportunities follow the link: Frozen Yogurt Franchises




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