Information to Bondholders

Denne melding til obligasjonseierne er kun utarbeidet på engelsk. For informasjon vennligst kontakt Nordic Trustee AS.

To the bondholders in:

ISIN: NO0010710882 - 7.50% Genel Energy Finance plc Senior Unsecured Callable Bond Issue 2014/2019

Oslo, 20 December 2017

Information to Bondholders - confirmation of the Implementation Date

Nordic Trustee AS acts as the bond trustee (the "Bond Trustee") for the holders of bonds (the "Bondholders") in the bond issue with ISIN NO 001 071088.2 (the "Bond Issue") issued by Genel Energy Finance plc (the "Issuer").

All capitalized terms used, but not defined herein, shall have the meanings assigned to them in the summons to the Bondholders' Meeting dated 6 December 2017 (the "Summons").

The Implementation Date as stated in the Summons will be Friday 22 December 2017.

Thus, on the Implementation Date, the Issuer will make the following redemption in accordance with the Proposal adopted by the Bondholders' Meeting:

Record Date:                           20 December 2017 (end of business)

Settlement Date:                      22 December 2017

Redemption Amount:               USD 121,800,000 on the total Outstanding Amount, 
                                                 reducing the total Outstanding                                                                        
                                                Amount from USD 421,800,000 to USD 300,000,000.

Redemption Price:                    103% of par value

Before the redemption above is made, the Face Value of the Bonds will be amended to USD 1. The redemption will be carried out pro rata in accordance with the procedures of the Securities Depository.

In addition, on the Settlement Date the Issuer will pay interest (7.50%) on the current total Outstanding Amount, being USD 421,800,000, from and including the last Interest Payment Date (14 November 2017) to, but not including the Settlement Date (22 December 2017).

Yours sincerely

Nordic Trustee AS

Vivian Trøsch


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