Nicolite - the advanced disposable e-cig to help you quit smoking

The Nicolite is the perfect gadget for smokers who want to quit

What are Nicolites Cigarettes? The Nicolite is a fully disposable non-flammable electronic cigarette that uses advanced microelectronic technology to provide smokers with a healthier alternative to ordinary cigarettes. When the electronic cigarette, or e-cig is inhaled upon liquid nicotine is heated and turned to vapour, giving smokers the nicotine dose that they so frequently crave. Each Nicolite Disposable Electronic Cigarette lasts approximately the equivalent of 20-25 traditional cigarettes. Nicolites e-cigs contain no tobacco, tar or any of the carcinogens or harmful chemicals found in traditional cigarettes. When inhaled upon our easy to use electric cigarette creates a smoke like vapour, which delivers a dose of nicotine to the body just as quickly as an ordinary cigarette. Smokers will still experience the feeling on the back of their throat when they inhale on their e-cig, as well as a taste to mimic ordinary cigarettes. The vapour exhaled is harmless, odourless and doesn’t linger like the smoke of ordinary cigarettes, but more importantly gives any smoker a real smoking experience. If you would like to feature the Nicolite and would like to request any high res images and samples then please contact Fran at Generate PR by email or phone 01733 229333 SPECIAL OFFER- NICOLITE IS CURRENTLY DOING BUY 5 GET 1 NICOLITE FREE OR BUY 10 NICOLITES GET 3 FREE, DIRECT FROM WWW.NICOLITES.CO.UK NICOLITES ARE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE IN ALL GOOD PHARMACIES, SPAS, HOTELS AND BARS AND ALL WELCOME BREAKS PLUS DIRECT FROM NICOLITES.CO.UK FOR JUST £6.95


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