Find the Perfect Sprinkler with Gilmour's Lawn Size Calculator

Selecting the best sprinkler for a yard or area just got simpler. Gilmour’s Lawn Size Calculator not only digitally measures the preferred watering space, but also suggests the right sprinkler for the task so no water goes to waste. All it takes is four simple steps:

  1. Visit, scroll to see the Lawn Size Calculator, and click the link.

  2. Type in the address of the designated lawn space. Gilmour uses Google Map technology to find the location in either satellite view or map view.

  3. Identify the desired watering area by clicking to draw the shape.

  4. Two shape options will pop-up; click the one that best describes the area: rectangle or circle. Based on the selection, Gilmour will recommend either a rectangular sprinkler, like the Heavy Duty Wind-resistant Rectangular Sprinkler, or a circular sprinkler, like Adjustable Pattern Master Circular Sprinkler. Click to read a brief description about the recommended sprinkler and to learn more details, such as where to buy and how to use the sprinkler.

Gilmour sprinklers come in a variety of coverage areas and spray patterns to accommodate every lawn shape and size. For more watering tips and techniques, please visit or subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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