Gilmour Nozzles for Efficient Car Cleaning

After enduring the brutal elements of winter, Gilmour has the perfect nozzle to help blast off all the dirt, snow and salt that have built up on cars. The Thumb Control Pistol Nozzle allows users to adjust water flow from a strong power jet to a gentle rinse. The all-in-one thumb control adjusts water flow without squeezing to help reduce hand fatigue, while the slip resistant ergonomic grip provides additional comfort. The durable nozzle’s heavy-duty zinc body helps keep the tool in great shape for efficient cleaning time after time.

Simple tips for best car cleaning results:

  • Start with the car parked in the shade and give it time to cool down. This helps prevent the sun’s heat from drying cleaning materials before spraying them off.
  • Starting with the interior helps prevent dust and dirt from settling on the cleaned exterior.
  • The Thumb Control Pistol Nozzle’s jet setting is great for cleaning caked-on dirt and mud on wheels. For best results, it’s recommended to adjust the nozzle to a gentle rinse before drying the wheels with a microfiber cloth.
  • Wait a while after cleaning before driving off. When the exterior is wet, it attracts dirt.

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