Magic Moments on Felix Schoeller Group Premium Papers at the Winter Olympics

The Osnabruck-based business had a presence throughout the German Olympic team headquarters as an official partner

The triple triumph in the Biathlon, the incredible figure skating of Aljona Savchenko and Bruno Massot, Andreas Wellinger’s gold in the ski jump and, last but not least, the unbelievable success story of the German men’s ice hockey team: the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang provided plenty of unforgettable, magic moments. A total of sixty-four of these moments were immortalised by the Felix Schoeller Group on high-quality canvasses, printed on site and signed by the medal winners, reflecting the company’s status as the Premium Paper Partner for the German Olympic Team. Each day, four of these Magic Moments served as a new decoration for the entrance to the German team HQ, including many medal-winning poses and celebrations from Germany’s 2018 Olympians. Over the next few weeks, each athlete will receive a home delivery of his or her Magic Moment of choice. “We are delighted to have been able to share in so many magic moments, and to present them to the athletes by capturing them on Felix Schoeller Special Papers,” agreed the company’s directors, Hans-Christoph Gallenkamp and Dr. Bernhard Klofat in PyeongChang.

One of many Magic Moments, printed locally on high-quality canvas material, is presented to ski jump Olympic gold medallist, Andreas Wellinger, by Company Directors Hans-Christoph Gallenkamp (r.) and Dr Bernhard Klofat (l.).

Selected Premium Products for the PyeongChang Olympics 

These high-quality canvas prints were by no means the only products of the Osnabruck-based manufacturer of premium products in the German team headquarters. The marketing team, led by Senior Marketing Manager Andrea Hoffmann, fulfilled the company’s promise to deliver the “Best Performing Papers. Worldwide” by supplying a broad range of premium papers under Olympic conditions. As such, the German Olympians experienced STYline®-Hamburg digitally printable wallpaper, which adorned one of the walls in the Athletes’ Lounge. Moreover, large-format prints of notable athletes were hung using the company’s TRUE Photo Papers, while cushions sublimated with S-RACE ® Sublimation Papers created a cosy and relaxing atmosphere in the lounge areas, while all menus provided were printed on Felix Schoeller Group premium papers. Last, but by no means least, the medal winners were able to take the Olympic atmosphere back to their rooms in the Olympic Village and convey it to their fans worldwide, with every guest being able to use the photo station that had been brought from Germany to create and print their own Magic Moments in a variety of well-proven photographic quality formats in sizes of up to 15 × 20 cm to take away free of charge. By the final day, over 20,000 fresh photographic prints had been printed on the special photographic paper — a service-oriented, logistical masterstroke.

A more spontaneous, unplanned event occurred when two Osnabruck-based businesses met in PyeongChang. At the German team HQ, representatives of the Felix Schoeller Group encountered the Wellers of the eponymous car dealership, exchanging their impressions and sharing photos.

Background information about the Felix Schoeller Group:
The Felix Schoeller Group was founded in 1895 and is headquartered in Osnabruck, Germany, with operations on a global scale, manufacturing specialist photographic papers. With around 2,390 employees, over 330,000 tonnes of specialist papers were produced and sold in 2016. The renowned Osnabruck-based business recorded revenues of approximately 750 million euros in 2016, its last reported financial year. The Felix Schoeller Group develops, manufactures and distributes specialist papers for photographic applications, digital printing systems, the packaging market, self-adhesive applications and for the furniture, wood, and carpet industries.
In addition to its headquarters location in Osnabruck, the Felix Schoeller Group has manufacturing facilities at three other German locations in Weißenborn und Penig in Saxony, Titisee-Neustadt in Baden-Württemberg and Günzach in Bavaria. Moreover, the company enjoys a global presence with production facilities in the USA and Canada and a joint venture in the Russian Federation, with additional Sales & Service Centres in Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, Moscow, Prague, Sao Paulo, Los Angeles and Chicago.
The Felix Schoeller Group stands for uncompromising quality, unique flexibility and genuine partnership resulting in the Best Performing Papers. Worldwide.

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