Greenbyte releases infographic highlighting unusual facts about wind energy

How many cities could be powered by the wind energy generated in Breeze? What is the highest ever recorded wind speed? How tall would all wind turbines be if stacked on top of each other? Those are some unusual questions you might not have asked yourself before.

Designed by Greenbyte, the company behind renewable energy software Breeze and Bright, The Breeze Winfographic is a playful infographic representation of the vast amount of data generated from the 8GW of wind farms connected to Breeze over the last 3 months.
“At Greenbyte, we're used to monitor and analyze data in a highly efficient way through Breeze's flexible data studio and dashboards, but what if one takes a less scientific approach to examine the data Breeze collects? The Breeze Winfographic highlights some of the more unusual yet impressive facts related to wind energy and Breeze that you probably didn't know about.” – says Fredrik Larsson, CMO at Greenbyte.

Get your hands on the infographic here:

PDF version:
PNG version:


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