Welcome to the Grand Opening of Kodiak Island – Land of Giants, the only facility outside of Kodiak, Alaska with Kodiak

Just before midsummer, the Grand Opening of a unique facility for Kodiak Bears in Orsa Bear Park, Kodiak Island – Land of Giants will take place. Kodiak bears are the world's largest land living carnivores and for the first time in at least 35 years, Kodiak Bears will be leaving Kodiak Island. Orsa Bear Park is located in Orsa, Sweden.

The Kodiak is the world's largest land living carnivore and it is an unique event that Orsa Bear Park will be receiving two Kodiak bears as there are only 3000 individuals in the wild and they are not permitted to leave Kodiak Island. Several years of collaboration between Orsa Bear Park and Alaskan authorities has resulted with Orsa Bear Park being the only facility in the world that has been approved to receive the giant bear. The opportunity arose when two motherless Kodiak bear cubs where found in various locations on Kodiak Island in January 2011. Instead of euthanizing the cubs, a decision was made to send the cubs to Orsa Bear Park. The Alaskan authorities were impressed with the high standards held by the facility in Orsa, Sweden.

In addition to experiencing the large carnivores at close range in a modern facility, visitors can also visit the Carnivore Center to learn more about their biology and current research.

Kodiak Island – Land of Giants welcomes you to the world premiere of Orsa Bear Park's unique facility for Kodiak bears in Orsa, Sweden.

When: Tuesday, June 19, 2012
Where: Kodiak Island-Land of Giants, Orsa Bear Park in Orsa, Sweden.
We invite you to the Grand Opening ceremonies, lunch and press release with a tour of Kodiak Island-Land of Giants.

11:00 Gathering at Kodiak Island - overlooking the ramp of the Kodiak enclosure

Speakers during the opening ceremony:
Maria Norrfalk, Governor of Dalarna
Marie Olsson, Mayor Orsa
Torbjorn Wallin, President and CEO Grönklittsgruppen Ltd.
Representatives from the U.S. Embassy in Sweden

11:30 Press conference
On site is Torbjorn Wallin, CEO, Dr. Kenneth Ekwall, the park's zoologist and
Anders Bjorklund, CEO Carnivore Foundation Center. There will be time for questions.

12.00 Lunch
13:00 Tour of Kodiak Island-Land of Giants. Photo opportunity.

Press images, films and press information will be available for downloading from June 19th at 13.00 on www.orsabjornpark.se. You can also book interviews, please report your request directly to
Karin Pontén, more contact information please see below.

For journalists who are traveling from Stockholm to Orsa over the day, transportation will be arranged.

It is also possible to arrange for overnight accommodations if requested.

On Grand Opening day, Orsa Bear Park is open to the public between 10 -18. Even specially invited guests are welcome at 11.00. At 14:00 guests are treated to lectures on Kodiak and Kodiak Bears in the Carnivore Center by Larry van Dale, well known carnivore researcher and representative from AWCC, Alaska.

RSVP by June 12 to Karin Pontén, karin.ponten @ varprbyra.se, 0708 66 66 31

Getting to Orsa Bear Park: By car from Stockholm - quickest way is E4 north of Gavle,
Falun, Rättvik, Mora and Orsa. From Orsa (roundabout) the way to Grönklitt is posted with 'brown' signs. Alternative route is over Enköping, Sala, Avesta, Hedemora, Falun (or Borlänge), Rättvik, Mora and Orsa.