GSF increase multi-fleet oil range after ‘overwhelming’ garage response

National motor factor GSF Car Parts has added a new high performance C4 (5W30 SLX Pro) extended service interval engine oil after an ‘overwhelmingly positive’ response to launching the first two Vetech multi-fleet engine oils in February.

The original standard service life (5W30 SSL Pro) and extended service life (5W30 ESL Pro) oils offered extensive coverage, as well as suitability for LPG and E85 bio fuels. They are compatible with a wide range of current vehicle manufacturer specifications including low saps.

Like these two original formulations, the 5W30 SLX Pro C4 enables garages to simplify their oil stocking by covering more manufacturer standards with a single product. The oil is built from 100% synthetic PURITY TM VHVI base oils, derived from the patented HT process. 5W30 SLX Pro ACEA C4, API SN is suitable for MB 226.51 and RN0720.

“We’re committed to developing the Vetech multi-fleet oil range,” said John Wright, Head of Garage Equipment and Customer Development. “What we’re trying to do ultimately is simplify stocking for garages so they can reduce costs and increase their profits.”

To support this profit imperative, GSF have just launched a promotion on their 5W30 ESL Pro extended service life C3 too. Besides getting a free oil absorbent drum top mat, garages receive a free case of 12 x 1 litre tops up bottles with each 199 Litre barrel.

“We don’t want garages to limit themselves to only selling the oil with a service,” said John. “We hope they can keep their customers coming back by being able to offer a top-up between services, using exactly the right oil.”

GSF say this is a win-win in not only offering garages the opportunity of a profitable up-sell, but also in ensuring motorists benefit from top-ups when needed.

“A barrel of oil might give around 40 services and if 50% of customers return for an average half litre top-up then the case of free oil more than covers the requirement,” explains John.

As yet another addition to the Vetech oil range, GSF Car Parts have also introduced multi-fleet synthetic gear oils. There a choice of 75W MVTF Pro for manual transmissions and MVATF Pro for modern automatics. Both comply with a wide range of current vehicle manufacturer standards and are available now in 20 litre drums and 199 litre barrels.

Garages looking for more information and the latest prices should contact their local branch of GSF Car Parts.

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We’re committed to developing the Vetech multi-fleet oil range. What we’re trying to do ultimately is simplify stocking for garages so they can reduce costs and increase their profits.
John Wright, Head of Garage Equipment & Customer Development | GSF Car Parts