Spring Garage Essentials packs in new products

The latest edition of Garage Essentials contains an exceptional selection of workshop must-haves and profit builders, with an accent on new and Summer-seasonal products this time around.

To ensure all workshops get a copy, GSF Car Parts have printed over 50,000 copies of the 68 page glossy tools and equipment guide, available now throughout the national branch network on request.

The cover features only new products; Vetech’s multi-fleet engine oils enable garages to simplify their 5W-30 stocks whilst still complying with VM specifications. Also featured is Milwaukee’s battery impact torque wrench, the premium brand debuts in Garage Essentials, with three more full pages of their tools inside.

Launch’s new Automatic Transmission Cleaner and Fluid Exchanger (CAT501S), completing the cover line up, enables garages to profit from car makers’ moves away from sealed transmissions. The unit delivers a 99.9% fluid change, where draining typically only recovers 45 – 60% of the fluid.

“We’re offering free demonstrations on the Launch unit,” said John Wright, Head of Garage Equipment and Customer Development. “We want forward-thinking garages to pick up on these kinds of new profit opportunities and realise GSF can support them.”

Unilite are also included for the first time. Their high spec range of torches and lamps can be found on page 63.

Last but not least comes air con. Page 3 offers exceptional value fixed-price F-Gas Qualifications at just £230 + VAT. Page 4 and 5 then showcase Europe’s best air con machines, featuring ranges from Waeco in Germany and Italian specialists Brain Bee.

To request a free copy, please contact your local branch of GSF Car Parts or telephone the Garage Essentials sales team on 0121 7498801.

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We’re offering free demonstrations on the Launch unit. We want forward-thinking garages to pick up on these kinds of new profit opportunities and realise GSF can support them.
John Wright, Head of Garage Equipment and Customer Development