Trade: All Vetech brake pads now supplied with grease

Vetech brake pads, available exclusively through GSF Car Parts, are to be supplied with 5ml single application brake grease sachets with immediate effect.

The specially formulated copper-free lubricant ensures smooth movement of braking components, minimising noise and vibration. Technicians, who know to apply the grease sparingly where the pad assembly meets the calliper, or where brake shoes contact the wheel cylinder, can now benefit from the time-saving of receiving the grease in with the pads.

In line with good practice, the grease should be kept away from friction faces, rubber parts and seals. It is specified to resist both water and high temperatures, and is fully compatible with ABS and other electronics.

“This upgrade applies to all Vetech pads,” said GSF Managing Director Jonny West. “To manage the run-through of existing pad stocks, we’re adding the grease sachet completely free of charge already.”

GSF have seen sales of Vetech braking grow consistently. The brand aims to strike a balance, delivering a quality trade brake friction programme that garages can trust, but which is ideal for price-sensitive work. The range of discs and pads offers extensive parc coverage.

Vetech braking products are sourced from leading global manufacturers to meet high specifications. All brake pads are European Regulation 90 (R90) compliant, whilst discs are engineered to fine tolerances from top quality alloys. GSF add that the growth is attributable to a clear pattern; garages that first try Vetech, invariably then go on to buy regularly.

For further information, please contact your nearest branch of GSF.

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To manage the run-through of existing pad stocks, we’re adding the grease sachet completely free of charge already.
Jonny West | Managing Director, GSF Car Parts