Gyros completes five new sales of its Gyrolab® protein quantification platform

Uppsala, Sweden, 13 February, 2007. Gyros announced today that it has completed the separate sales of five Gyrolab® microfluidic system platforms to Merck, Biogen-Idec and a third, unnamed company, all in the USA, and to NovImmune and Serono in Europe.

Gyros microfluidic platform consists of Gyrolab Bioaffy® compact disk (CD) microlaboratories (facilitating miniaturized and integrated protein quantification applications) and Gyrolab Workstation (a fully automated system for running Gyrolab Bioaffy CDs). Together they provide a simple to use, precisely controlled solution for processing hundreds of samples in parallel at nanoliter scale. Scientists are able to use immunoassays with a very broad measurement range to generate more information from less sample, improving both productivity and efficiency.
Commenting on the recent sales, Gyros CEO, Jan Würtz, said, “2006 was a successful year for Gyros. Following sales earlier in 2006 to CAT and AstraZeneca, these five new sales mean that we are really starting to extend our customer base. We will be looking to continue this trend through 2007, as more and more companies recognize that our microfluidic technology can provide them with significant advantages over traditional methods, like ELISA.”

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Gyros miniaturizes and integrates laboratory processes into application-specific Gyrolab? microlaboratories that process hundreds of samples in parallel at nanoliter scale. Scientists generate more information from less sample, improve lab performance and increase productivity.


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