H & D Wireless GEPS for Industry initiates pilot projects with Cramo for positioning of tools

[Stockholm, Sweden, December 06, 2017.] H&D Wireless, Swedish leading supplier of IoT, cloud and platform solutions, is launching a pilot project with the European equipment rental group Cramo. The project involves the positioning of Cramo's rental products, and will last for two months in the fall of 2017 and will then be evaluated.

GEPS ™, the Griffin Enterprise Positioning Service, digitizes, among other things, management systems and visualization of a variety of industry products, where managing rental services is one product. H&D Wireless is now launching a collaboration and pilot project with the leading European hardware rental company, Cramo to solve some of the company's challenges in managing the machine rental process.

“The pilot project's goal is to show that H&D Wireless can help solve Cramo's business challenges”, says Martin Holmgren, senior vice president and responsible for Cramo's rental fleet and product organization. “This by improving the error rate in the return process, improving overall user and customer experience at the return point, and providing sufficient real-time data that can be used in later steps to improve flow prioritization”.

“We are pleased to be able to assist another customer in evaluating GEPS, helping them to see business benefits in different flows. GEPS creates business benefits when RTLS solutions is introduced”, says Pär Bergsten, CEO, H&D Wireless.

H&D Wireless has made a name with GEPS for Industry, which helps manufacturing companies to digitize and visualize business processes and track key assets and products in real time. The system supports multiple wireless technologies such as UWB, BLE, RFID and Wi-Fi, which, combined with data analysis and artificial intelligence, can identify and track forklifts, goods, people, products and work processes.

With GEPS for Industry, H&D Wireless has further strengthened its position in the fast-growing Wireless Real Time Tracking (RTLS) market, among companies that work with goods, supply chains and people.The market for Smart Factory and Industrial IoT is growing sharply and is estimated to be worth more than $225 billion in 2022 (Markets and Markets Research).

Within short, H&D Wireless intends to list the company's shares on Nasdaq First North. The company also carries out a new share issue with preference for existing shareholders beginning on November 24, which will provide the company with SEK 24 million if the issue is fully subscribed. The company has received capital injections of SEK 25 million in autumn 2016 and SEK 18 million in the spring of 2017.

For additional information please contact:
Pär Bergsten
CEO, H&D Wireless
Phone: +46-8-551 18 460
Email: par.bergsten@hd-wireless.se eller sales@hd-wireless.se 

Mattias Rådström
Senior Vice President Communication, Marketing and Investor Relations, CRAMO
Tel: +46 70 868 7045

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About H&D Wireless:
H&D Wireless is a Swedish Internet of Things cloud and platform system provider. Its Griffin IoT cloud platform is an end-to-end system solution containing world-class wireless modules, cloud services with analytics and artificial intelligence and smartphone applications for smart homes and enterprises. Since 2016, the company offers Griffin Enterprise Positioning Service (GEPS ™) as a cloud service for indoor positioning of physical things in business processes. H&D Wireless was founded in 2009 and is among Sweden’s fastest growing and most decorated IoT companies, with more than 1,100,000 wireless products shipped to date for IoT, M2M solutions across the globe.

About CRAMO:
Cramo is Europe’s second largest rental services company specialising in construction machinery and equipment rental and rental-related services as well as the rental of modular space. Cramo operates in fifteen countries and in 324 depots. With a group staff around 2,600, Cramo's consolidated sales in 2016 was EUR 712 million. Cramo shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. Read more: www.cramogroup.com



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