H&D Wireless receive Europe's largest entertainment centre Exploria as a customer

[Stockholm, Sweden, November 24, 2017.] H&D Wireless, Swedish leading supplier of IoT, cloud and platform solutions, will delivers track and positioning technology to the entertainment center of Exploria, for better visibility of visitors' children. The 20,000 square meter play center now becomes H&D Wireless's first customer in the fast-growing IoT segment indoor positioning with a two year agreement.

GEPS for Hospitality
is the name of the IoT service, which will help parents to follow their children in Sweden's largest play land Exploria, outside Stockholm. The simple solution is a smart bracelet equipped with the new service, which allows parents to follow their child's position in real time via an app on the phone.

The business value lies in all data generated by the visitors”, says Pär Bergsten, CEO, H&D Wireless. “How often and how much time the children spend in the different areas in the playground, reveals what attractions are more or less attractive, and how the flow of movement appears in the playground as a whole. It is just the kind of real-time data that is rapidly scaled up to become indispensable in major industrial processes.”

We are proud to be the first in Sweden and Europe to offer a smart indoor positioning service that will give our guests an even better experience”, says Mikael Andreasson, CEO, Exploria AB. “Now, the parents can calm down, knowing where the children are all the time.”

With a precision that can be measured from meters down to decimetres, H&D Wireless Tracking and Positioning Technology, is highly efficient for businesses that need real-time data linked to their business systems. Indoor positioning is a growing area with many profitable using areas, and is seen by many as a central part of the transition to the fourth Industrial Revolution, Industry 4.0.

With GEPS for Industry, H&D Wireless offers a world-leading RTLS solution within Industrial IoT for positioning services – pre-configured for SAP users. Pär Bergsten believes that the biggest advantage with H&D Wireless positioning technology is the wide range of services it offers.

“The positioning itself is the foundation. This allows up to 50 percent increase in utilization rate, if you constantly know where all the equipment is”, Pär Bergsten said. “This leads to both lower costs and faster production. But in addition to that, we have an artificial analysis for all data coming in. Where are the bottlenecks in the logistics? When and under what circumstances do they happen? This information goes into the business system automatically, which is a huge advantage in terms of manually managing inventory and input manually.”

GEPS for Industry was launched this spring and has further strengthened Swedish H&D Wireless position in the fast-growing wireless real-time tracking market (RTLS). The market for Smart Factory and Industrial IoT is growing sharply and is estimated to be worth more than $225 billion in 2021 (Markets and Markets Research).

Within short, H&D Wireless intends to list the company's shares on Nasdaq First North. The company also carries out a new share issue with preference for existing shareholders beginning on November 24, which will provide the company with SEK 24 million if the issue is fully subscribed. The company has received capital injections of SEK 25 million in autumn 2016 and SEK 18 million in the spring of 2017.

For additional information please contact:
Pär Bergsten
CEO, H&D Wireless
Phone: +46-8-551 18 460
Email: par.bergsten@hd-wireless.se eller sales@hd-wireless.se

Mikael Andreasson
VD, Exploria
Tel: +46-70-280 10 00
Epost: mikael@axelstivoli.se
Epost: info@exploriacenter.se 

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About H&D Wireless:

H&D Wireless is a Swedish Internet of Things cloud and platform system provider. Its Griffin IoT cloud platform is an end-to-end system solution containing world-class wireless modules, cloud services with analytics and artificial intelligence and smartphone applications for smart homes and enterprises. Since 2016, the company offers Griffin Enterprise Positioning Service (GEPS ™) as a cloud service for indoor positioning of physical things in business processes. H&D Wireless was founded in 2009 and is among Sweden’s fastest growing and most decorated IoT companies, with more than 1,100,000 wireless products shipped to date for IoT, M2M solutions across the globe.

Om Exploria:
Exploria in Botkyrka, Stockholm, is the largest indoor entertainment center in Europe with 20 000 square meter of theme worlds, bowling and climbing frames. In the old building of Coops, a large Swedish food chain, nowdays there are theme worlds with everything from dinosaurs to climbing frames, go-cart and conference facilites. 



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