Subscription of shares in H&D Wireless starts today

- Investment memorandum published

[Stockholm, Sweden, November 24, 2017.] The subscription of shares in the Swedish supplier of IoT and cloud platform solutions, H&D Wireless, commences today on November 24th and expires on December 8th. This takes place within the framework of the rights issue of SEK 24 million previously decided by H&D Wireless's Board of Directors. H&D Wireless has begun the application process to note the company's shares on Nasdaq First North.

Information memorandum with the invitation to subscribe for shares was published today and can be found here,

H & D Wireless executes a new share issue with preference for existing shareholders beginning on November 24, which will provide the company with SEK 24 million if the issue is fully subscribed. 14 existing shares qualify for subscription of three new shares at a price of eight kronor (8 kr) per share. It gives a valuation of the company (pre money) of 112m. H & D Wireless has already received guarantees and subscriptions corresponding to 97 percent of the issue amount. An additional SEK 2.2 million in subscriptions has been received after the Monday PM was published. Subscription can be done through Göteborgs Corporate Finance or directly on the online link here.

The issue gives the company capital for further development projects in the Enterprise business area (industrial RTLS and IoT solutions) and the working capital required by Nasdaq for listing of the company's shares. Upon completion of the issue, H & D Wireless plans to note the company's shares on Nasdaq First North, which is expected to happen one of the days in the period 18-22 December.

The information memorandum lists four main reasons for investing in H&D Wireless:

  •  H & D Wireless assesses the size of the market in the Nordic region to SEK 3-6 billion, where the company has an ambition to take 20-30% market share. The gross margin is estimated at between 40-80% depending on the business area and customer segments.
  •  Management and the Board have many years of experience in developing successful technology companies with global presence.
  •  The company's focus now is to provide major industrial players with real-time monitoring of physical flows in their manufacturing and distribution flows. Through H&D Wireless pioneering technology, customers can expect bigger profit margins and shorter lead times.
  •  The market for IoT is expected to grow exponentially in the upcoming years, while the accelerating flow of goods and services increasingly requires suppliers. Through H&D Wireless solutions, the manufacturing industry can undergo digital transformation, streamline its processes and adapt to the increasing rate of change.

“My overall assessment is that H&D Wireless is well positioned to seriously take the step from test installations to commercialization”, said Pär Bergsten, CEO, H&D Wireless. “Initially, we will focus on Sweden and the rest of the Nordic countries, then, when we find the time is right, expand internationally. Our vision is to establish H&D Wireless as a market leader in the Nordic region for positioning physical things in the company's business processes. To our support, we now have a world-leading positioning technology, a commercialized product (GEPS), a proven business model with first customers already in commercial operations, and an enhanced organization.”

For more information about H&D Wireless, visit the company's IR site.

H&D Wireless develops and sells modules, solutions and services that allows connection, positioning and monitoring of equipment, tools, inventory and people. The technology makes it possible to analyse, automate and streamline flows and processes in a number of areas. The capital will be used primarily in the business unit Enterprise, with the company's new Industrial IoT Wireless Real-Time Tracking (RTLS) solution, specially developed for manufacturing customers to facilitate their way of digitizing. The operations are based on the proprietary cloud-based IoT platform "Griffin Enterprise Positioning System" (GEPS).

For additional information please contact:
Carl Lönnroth
Banker: Göteborg Corporate Finance
Mob +46 735-36 35 22

Pär Bergsten
CEO, H&D Wireless
Phone: +46-8-551 18 460

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About H&D Wireless:

H&D Wireless is a Swedish Internet of Things cloud and platform system provider. Its Griffin IoT cloud platform is an end-to-end system solution containing world-class wireless modules, cloud services with analytics and artificial intelligence and smartphone applications for smart homes and enterprises. Since 2016, the company offers Griffin Enterprise Positioning System (GEPS ™) as a cloud service for indoor positioning of physical things in business processes. H&D Wireless was founded in 2009 and is among Sweden’s fastest growing and most decorated IoT companies, with more than 1,100,000 wireless products shipped to date for IoT, M2M solutions across the globe.



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