Circle Oak Equine Opens Surgery and Advanced Imaging Center

Specialty Veterinary Center Adds Hallmarq Standing MRI to Clinic Offerings

Circle Oak Equine, a specialty veterinary center that focuses on equine sports medicine, lameness and rehabilitation, has opened a new state-of-the-art surgery and imaging center. The center — which includes Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging’s standing equine MRI — will offer fully integrated, specialized sports medicine services.

Located in Petaluma, Calif., Circle Oak Equine serves California, Nevada and Southern Oregon. The center is an equine sports medicine and rehabilitation facility, offering a wide variety of diagnostic and therapeutic modalities unique to the area including a HydroHorse™ underwater treadmill and ECB cold saltwater spa.

The addition of the standing MRI (sMRI) system will allow veterinarians a key tool in diagnosing lameness in horses.

“What we have lacked is surgery and advanced imaging capabilities, so we are thrilled to open our new surgery center, equipped with state of the art technology such as a standing MRI,” says Carrie Schlachter, VMD, Circle Oak’s medical director. “We can now offer fully integrated services from a swift, accurate diagnosis, whatever treatment is necessary, to a rehabilitation program that is capable of bringing horses back to full function.”

Dr. Schlachter adds they chose Hallmarq’s sMRI because it eliminates the need for general anesthesia. In the sMRI system, the horse is simply walked into the machine to do the scans.

“It is a very safe choice for the horse,” says Dr. Schlachter. “We get the quality images we need to make clear and accurate diagnosis and minimize the risk to the horse.”

“Circle Oak Equine is a key location for our sMRI,” says Dan Brown, BVSc, MRCVS, business development director at Hallmarq. “They now have the only standing system in the heavily horse-populated Marin and Sonoma counties, which means more horse owners and veterinarians than ever have access to do an MRI easily and stress free.”

Dr. Schlachter adds that Circle Oak Equine offers full sports medicine surgery services with Jack Snyder, DVM, Ph.D. In addition, Sarah Puchalski, DVM, a boarded radiologist, can guide and report on sMRI for referring veterinarians.

“We offer an extensive array of services,” says Dr. Schlachter. “But, we know many veterinarians simply want the ability to get an early and accurate diagnosis, so we also offer standing MRI services to our colleagues in the area, which can help achieve that goal without any anesthetic risk to the horse.”

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