Helsinki Sauna Day fills saunas throughout Helsinki – to be held again on 11 March 2017

Helsinki Sauna Day was held for the second time on Saturday 29 October and once again proved to be enormously popular.

Photo: Eetu Ahanen

Over 50 saunas throughout Helsinki opened their doors to the public free of charge, including saunas in private homes, residential saunas in apartment buildings, hotel saunas, tent saunas, trailer saunas, one sauna inside a van and a floating sauna.

– The saunas were busy all day long, and even if there were lines at times, the overall atmosphere was really positive, says Jaakko Blomberg of the social innovations group Yhteismaa ry, the producer of the event.

– Helsinki’s newest public saunas Löyly and Allas Sea Pool also took part, and many people enjoyed “sauna marathons” by hopping from sauna to sauna throughout the day.

Although the event originated in Helsinki, saunas everywhere are welcome to join in Helsinki Sauna Day. This time saunas from the neighbouring cities of Espoo and Vantaa also took part, as did saunas as far off as in England and Malaysia.

The participants in Helsinki Sauna Day were very international, some having travelled to Helsinki especially for the event.

– Enjoying a sauna together is a great way to get to know the local culture and people. There’s nothing like it anywhere else in the world, Blomberg says.

Among the participants was Bruce Oreck , former US ambassador to Finland, who tried the Sompasauna in Sompasaari.

The event proved to be so popular, that the next one will be held already on 11 March 2017.

– Helsinki Sauna Day is a great addition to the city’s new communal culture, Blomberg adds.

Further information:

Jaakko Blomberg, Yhteismaa ry

+358 44 5478354


Media images from 29 October.
Photographer: Eetu Ahanen

Other sauna images from Visit Helsinki.