Lars Stugemo, CEO and President of HiQ, has decided to adjust his shareholding in HiQ. After the disposal of shares his holding amounts to        583 651 shares, corresponding to 1,1 percent of the company.

”HiQ is a successful company with a strong offer. I am proud to represent a company with industry-leading clients and highly skilled employees. I have now decided to partially diversify my investments”, says Lars Stugemo, CEO and President of HiQ.

Lars Stugemo has during the period of February 27 to March 1, sold 243 849 shares, which means that he remains a share holder of 583 651 shares in HiQ, corresponding to 1.1 percent shares of the company.

”For the past fifteen years I have held the majority of my assets in the form of HiQ shares. By this disposal of shares, I increase my freedom of action concerning my economy, ” Stugemo concludes.

For more information, please contact:

Lars Stugemo, President and CEO, HiQ. Tel. +46 8 588 90 000

Peter L. Häggström, Head of Corporate Communications, HiQ. Tel. +46 8 588 90 000, +46 704 200 103

HiQ simplifies and improves using hi-tech solutions within communications and software development. The company is a leader in these areas and has the Nordic region as its home market. HiQ employs more than 1,300 staff and has offices both in the Nordic countries and in Russia. HiQ is also listed on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm Mid Cap List. For more information, please visit www.hiq.se.


About Us

HiQ helps to make the world a better place by making people’s lives simpler through technology, design and communication. We are the perfect partner for everyone eager to achieve results that make a difference in a digital world. Founded in 1995, HiQ has over 1,600 specialists in five countries and is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm Mid Cap list. For more information and inspiration, please visit www.hiq.se.


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